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Thread: what better for the planet

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    Default what better for the planet

    I know a lot of diaper manufacturers Are switching to the cloth back diaper from the old plastic version. What do think is better for the planet environmental wise?

    I just want to see what other think I'm not sure it does make a different in, but I could be little wrong that the cloth version is healthier for the planet. The reason would think that is because it may break down quicker in the grab dump more than the other. Sine it has a very thin layer of plastic flim then the plastic diapers are made by the diaper companies long ago. I know a lot of diaper manufacturers Are switching to the cloth back diaper from the old plastic version. What do think is better for the planet environmental wise?

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    Now that I think of it, all disposable diapers eventually end up in the trash... I guess it doesn't make a big difference if they use cloth instead of plastic, because where the diapers are going eventually, they won't have a chance to degrade before more junk is piled on to them. The good side about plastic is that the amount of oil that is available to be burnt up as fuel for cars, is decreased, which is good for the atmosphere. Also it helps to reduce the amount of cloth needed overall. It's hard to say which one would be more environmental-healthy, but I guess I would lean a little bit to the plastic being healthier.

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    From what I understand the cloth backed diapers actually don't use any natural fibers. Instead they uses synthetic materials to create a cloth like feel. Also they make potentially be using more synthetic materials than plastic backed.

    As far as the best diaper for the environment, actual cloth diapers win out over any disposable. Natural fibers break down within a reasonable time frame. Also the fact that you reuse them greatly reduces what arrives in landfills.

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    I think they clothlike stuff is either more plastic or some kind of wood/paper product sprayed onto plastic. The extra process probably increases the carbon footprint vs plain plastic but I have no data to back that up.

    Like someone else has said nothing is biodegradable in a landfill. You can determine the age of something dug up in one by reading the date on a nearby newspaper. If paper lasts decades plastic is close to immortal.

    The switch to cloth like covers is more to do with shelf life than anything else. The glue on tapes degrades quicker than hook and loop. Also it's a bit quieter and people are willing to trade that for fit and function.

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    I think they're pretty comparable with regard to environmental damage. When it comes to baby diapers, at least, there's essentially no difference; most cloth-backed diapers are actually just plastic backed diapers with a sheet of cloth-like material over them, rather than actual cloth-backed diapers. If anything, then, cloth-backed are worse because they use more material.

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    I was watching thing on TV talking about plastic and other grab product do they say plastic out live most other material on this planet because break down more harder even if in salt water that tested it. The reason talk about salt water test because a lot of it end up in ocean like bottle and other plastic product people leave on the beach's or just throw in water.

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    I saw on history channel a show about biodegradable plastic being made from corn so it's completely environmentally friendly. I'd personally pike to see diapers backed with that so it can be functional yet safe.

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    You can pull the cloth-like cover off of at least a great deal of disposables to reveal a plastic cover underneath. Basically, most cloth-backed diapers are plastic-backed diapers with an extra cloth-like layer on the outside. Both are about equally bad because they're practically identical.

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