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Thread: Male Castration

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    I was reading the SASS (Something Awful Sycophant Squad) forum, because I find it very hilarious even when they make fun of ABDLs and stuff. But anyways, I saw this link and through it found a very... thought provoking community. As the title indicates, it deals with the fantasies and benefits of removing the male testicles and/or penis.

    A sort of overview Extreme Body Modification ||
    A community site The Eunuch Archive
    A discussion on the benefits of castrating 12 year olds Castrating Boys And Adolescents - Eunuch Archive Message Boards
    A story about someone that removed it all The nullo story | Global Apathy

    Personally, I very much like my male parts, but clearly, not everyone is the same. I very much disagree with the idea of castrating adolescents. Also I hear that in Florida they have a law that allows castration of sex offenders. Tell me what do you think. Meanwhile, I'm going to look at some porn to uhh... reaffirm my manliness.

    Still, I know there are transgendered people and others here that might feel different. Let me know!

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    That's... painful even to consider or think about.

    Actually to be completely honest the only time I ever consider it or even think about it is how nice it'd be to stay a kid... but it's not worth chopping off my nads for it. And it's a little late for that anyway.

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    I think that is disgusting. Male and Female castration, for that matter.

    Why would you not allow your child to grow up, basically?

    And lets say that ALL males were castrated, how in the hell would we get pregnant? wtf.

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    How can you permit a 12 years old adolescent being castrated? It sounds like an abuse.
    If they request it I hope people will never permit it, they hasn't legal age to decide, they are too immature.

    Personally I'll never remove my testicles (I'll remove them only for health issue) and I think nobody can decide to remove yours if you don't want.

    I've heard something different fo adolescent boys, something like a hormons pill which adolescent could take if they are note sure about their sexuality (again, 12 y.o boys are immature) with result stopping them growing in sexual way (no beard, no testicle growth, no voice changes).

    As for sex offenders, is more a chemichal castration: a mix of medicines that reduces your libido.
    In this case I'm in favor only if it isn't something permanent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Target_0 View Post
    I've heard something different fo adolescent boys, something like a hormons pill which adolescent could take if they are note sure about their sexuality (again, 12 y.o boys are immature) with result stopping them growing in sexual way (no beard, no testicle growth, no voice changes).
    I think you mean Gender, not sexuality. There are quite a few cases I've heard where a young boy has known their entire life they were a female, and the parents have actually gone and given them hormone therapy before they even hit puberty. When started that early, they make beautiful women, and the cutest little girls.

    But back on topic....

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    Wow that is definitely messed up, and now I'm reminded of "BME pain Olympics" >_<

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    Castrating a 12 year old?
    Urgh. I don't even want to comment that.
    Words once again, Fail me.

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    I have weird fantasies about being castrated, but I don't think I'd ever really, truly want it to happen. It's nothing more than a weird fantasy. Besides, surgery is kinda scary. And WTF?! To do that to a 12 year old is just screwed up...

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    it's one of those "WTF!!!" subjects, but still interesting.
    some of the opinions and views have links with my own reverence of growth and puberty (like it or loathe it, it's still an awesome process) and the conundrum of 'who is one's self?' when addressing the different notions of that from the perspectives of the child and the adult.
    while the physical transformation during puberty is miracluous enough, it's the transformation of the mind which staggers me the most.

    i remember when i first thought seriously that i didn't want to 'grow up' (i think most kids experience that when the full and true nature of adulthood dawns on them) and if i had been offered a pill that would prevent it, i most likely would've swallowed it. but, surgery? no way.

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    I was talking to my mom about this site, and we got into an argument. She's all like, you shouldn't look at those sites because they will affect your mind and disturb you. Of course, I know better, because I've looked at plenty of sites like this. It is freaky, but unless you are a gullible fool, it doesn't "mess you up". If anything it gives you a better understanding of human nature and psychology. My mom just prefers to live her simple insulated life, I think, but I want to explore! sigh... I don't like arguing with her.

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