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    Wink Gifts

    A friend got me a baby drum set it has rattels and a lot of fun stuff love it.
    Have any of you gotten baby stuff but the ones did not know you were an
    AB. My friend did not know i was an AB it was for my birthday comming up.

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    My parents regularly buy me children's things, actually. For my Christmas I got all sorts of children's toys, while for my birthday last year I got a Hungry Caterpillar 40th anniversary toy, and as a gift for passing my exams in college I got a Hungry Caterpillar dining set

    At uni last year we went through a phase of buying everyone a children's toy set for their birthday as well. Things like a musical instrument set or a princess make-up kit. Those were fun days!

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    What,s cool about it is I wanted to get it for my self months ago no one new.

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