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Thread: Oh hai there.

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    Default Oh hai there.

    Hallo all! I'm Neksyus or Neksy or Hey You or That Guy. I'm a friendly guy who enjoys chatting and cake...yummy cake. And also hugs, can't forget hugs.

    I am new to the whole *B/DL but from what I've read I'd classify myself as a babyfur or a TB (also a sissy I guess). I'm interested in learning more and getting to know the community, also making friends.

    In general I enjoy anything that requires logic or working with electronics. I'm also one of those weirdos who likes board games in addition to video games. Currently trying my hand at writing *insert demeaning line about said writing here*. Once you get to know me, I also talk. A lot. You have been warned. ;D

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    Hi Neksy,

    Welcome to ADISC, that was a nice intro you have there. I like board games too, every month my computer science faculty holds a board game night and every month I attend. Any chance you enjoy Ticket to Ride, Munchkins, Pandemic, Dominion or other such games?

    Speaking of CS, you say you like logic and electronics - dude, you should consider going into computer science /advertisement

    I hope to see you again *bonus hug*


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    *huggles* ^_^
    Thank you thank you. And as it so happens I plan on going into CS or something like it. xD
    Board game wise I don't get much chance to play (family starts drama every time we play *eyeroll*), however, Pandemic is awesome. Never played Munchkin yet but it looks frickin' awesome.

    Oh, also: your picture is cuuuuute!

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    Awesome, I won't even have to convert you to the dark side! Pandemic is indeed fun, however frustrating it may be (I hate losing, what can I say). I also dislike playing board games with my family, but mostly because they don't do anything more complex than Monopoly :S
    But ya, the thing about board games is that they are only as fun as the people you play them with.

    On a sidenote, I like your avi too - is it your fursona?

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    Munchkin is so brilliant! Also, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and Power Grid are awesome board games!


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    @Near The avi actually isn't as I'm in the process of getting a new one (my fursona used to be a dragon) heh. And Monopoly is only fun when played house rules. Things like bank robberies and scams. ;D

    @xbabyx *huggles* Thanks! Settlers of Catan wasn't much fun but maybe I played it with the wrong people hehe.

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