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    Looking for new friends. Is there more persons her how have a spinal cord injury to. Love to chat

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    Hi! New friends are always awesome to find. I actually have an injury from a car accident when I was fifteen. Not very fun, but I'm thankful to still be rocking out. What are you into?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cttrans View Post
    Looking for new friends. Is there more persons her how have a spinal cord injury to. Love to chat
    Welcome to the site! I had a spinal cord injury back in 2004. I'm a C6 complete. Feel free to contact me if you like.

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    Hi cttrans when I was 8 years old and then again at 9 I had a blockage at c2,3 which left me paralized from the neck down. After they operated both time I finally recoverded but was left as a bedwetter. Then 3 years ago the found a blood clot in the same area. The doctors said that it had been there a long time. It damage the spinal colm causing weekness on my left side and now have trouble walking and lost all bladder control. The operation to remove the blood clot stoped futher damaged to my right side. Feel free to contact me if you like.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I had a diving accident. I am not paralyzed (thankfully) but I do get transient weakness and "pins and needles" in my extremities as well as occasional. It could have been so much worse. I consider myself extremely blessed to have come out of the accident with so few long-term effects.

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    I had a spinal stroke in Oct of 2007 at T10,1996 damaged L5 S1,In 1997 had emergency neck fusion C4,5 and 6 and did this in my sleep and couldn't move.I had a lot of spinal problem from little on

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    I had a benign tumor growing on the nerves in my spine. Had it removed in 1986 and it left me unable to pee for about a month. I had to learn how to catheterize myself before they would let me leave the hospital. Now I can pee but I have related backaches, which I am experiencing at the moment.

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    Hello it is good not to be the only one. I am T8 incomplete. I do not ware diapers 24/7 just to bed and round the home I find it more Comfortable freedom form a leg bag and a break fom a condom catheter

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