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    So, I've been hiding in'tha corner forra while now (I'mtha one behind'tha bookcase in'tha shadows). I finally decided to come out and join'tha discussion, so here goes ( I now pause to review the "cheat sheet" sticky).

    Who I am: by day, a webmonkey. I do boring web stuff forra large company. I'm kinda undecided where this might lead-whether or not to stay in'tha field or move another direction...
    I'm spending lot'sa time these days getting to know my ADHD, and it's best friend depression. I was diagnosed with'tha depression several years back, but only found out about'tha ADHD a couple of years ago. So far, my attitude towards it is " a gift - with caveats".
    Also trying'ta figure out'tha whole "gender - and where I fit" thing. That this seems'ta be somehow linked to'tha ADHD, and by default a contributor to'tha depression, helps not at all...

    Why I'm here: OK, at least 2 reasons-
    First is "urge incontinence". It isn't all'tha time, but I haven't figured out what triggers it. I've thought maybe food, or time of day, or stress, or ???. One thing I'm sure didn't help was something that happened a couple of years ago. I'd just been diagnosed with ADHD and had started taking medication for it along with my anti-depressant. The 2 didn't play well with each other and I wound up with'a really bad reaction called "Serotonin Syndrome". For like 8 - 10 hours my body was just shaking uncontrollably. It was like I couldn't shut my muscles off and/or relax. Everything was firing at once. After that I was a basket case for days after as my body felt like it'd been beaten with sticks, and I felt like a zombie. Ever since that, I've had the prob with'tha incontinence thing. From everything I've read, it seems my whole nerveous system was on terrible overload during that time - which probably caused some damage. Also, as the muscles were also maxed out during that time, there was prolly some damage there too. So the result is - lot'sa times, when I haf'ta go, I have'ta go "right now" within less than'na minute. If I don't, I leak. For dealing with daytime issues I like Goodnites pull-ups with'a Kotex overnight as a booster. It's thin enough that it doesn't show (I don't think) under my jeans. It deals with any leakage pretty well.
    At night it wakes me up 2-3 times, and I have'ta run pee right then. I really hate that 'cause I have a hard time going back'ta sleep then. For then I add a 2nd kotex and'a Depends diaper. It's not bomb proof, but it's pretty good.
    The other reason I'm here is that I've found I truly LOVE diapers -they just feel so *right*. I spend sooo much of my day trying'ta control & cope with the urge thing- not drinking fluids, going'ta pee before a meeting (yet still having'ta excuse myself 1/2 through), so as to not have an accident. I just get tired of it. I'm quickly getting to'tha point I use diapers all'tha time when at home...'specially'tha weekends.
    Also, to be honest, they totally work with my whole "gender, self concept, who I am" thing. I've known I was sissy from, like, forever, but have only recently started discovering the "me" within. In'tha 2 years (so far) of counseling for ADHD, I've learned I have a huge control issue. I try'ta control my worrld, and protect it from the outside "normy" world. I also know that, inside, there'sa a *little one* who's very vulnerable, and hates'tha whole control thing. Little One loves her diapers, 'cause they let her be herself.
    I hope that makes sense...

    Other stuff I like'ta do: I love reading- everything from SciFi to self-help (Ken Robinson is my current obsession). I also love foriegn films ('specially good anime), projects around'tha house (enthusiastic amateur in all things), campoing & backpacking (haven't tried 'packing with diapers yet. Not sure how that's gonna work out), and spending waaay too much time trying'ta figure out all the facets that make up *me*.

    Ugh, one of'tha hallmarks of ADHD is "never write a note when a novel will do". I think Tolstoy or Faulkner would be proud of this.
    Questions? Please feel free'ta ask...


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    Hi Webmonkey. Some interesting things in your post caught my eye . Here's some of my humble advice: For overnight you might want to try cloth diapers. They require some set up. You'll have to buy the diapers, boosters, pins and plastic pants. There are also some high tech cloth diapers out there too. Right now I'm using Snap-EZ 4 Life, size large, adult pocket diapers.
    Back to basics. Try For overnight, and adult size, pre-fold gauze overnight diaper will probably work. Get a diaper that is one size larger than the chart if your waist is more than 50% of the range of the size that looks like it will fit you. I'd get three diapers to start (I believe that's the first price break). You are looking at about $75.00. My favorite plastic pants are Salk Sani-Pants. The pull on ones are pretty leak proof, but the side snap are better for changing purposes. I always got the pull on ones. They are about $10.00 ea. Pins can come from Jo-Ann Fabric. Get large (3") blanket pins. The pins get dull quickly, but are cheap. Buy more when dull and save getting stuck . Locking "diaper" pins in adult diaper sizes are hard to come by. If you pin the diaper on not too tight, the pins won't pop.
    For a diaper pail, you can start with a 30 gallon trash can with a tight fitting lid. Alternately, you can use your washing machine (I'll have to explain that later if you want). If you need boosters, get toddler sized gauze overnight gauze diapers from any baby store. Get a kitchen scale that can weigh up to about 5 pounds. Get Tide liquid detergent for washing. It works good and is really cheap. Specialty diaper detergents are expensive. Ready? Time to go back to ca. 1967 I was in cloth diapers overnight for bed wetting. A gauze diaper will absorb about 1 oz liquid per 1 oz diaper. Start out with one diaper and maybe a booster for about 30 oz total diaper weight. Weigh the pinned diaper with your plastic pants. Record the weight. Keep a "pee diary" It will help you regulate your liquids and overnight diapering. With a little practice, you can learn to pre-pin the diaper so you can wiggle it on like a brief. It should be snug, not tight. Pull on the plastic pants. Make sure the bulk of the diaper doesn't peek out the leg openings. The legs should be snug, not tight. So should the waist. Bed time! Upon waking, take note if you are leaking or feel soaked. You should feel the diaper as being heavy and warm, but not wet. Weigh the diaper, pins, pants. That minus the initial weight is your nightly output (I'm running 12-30oz lately). The diaper combination you are using is what works if you are comfortable and rash free. Experiment to get the proper diaper/booster combination. Try it a couple days and see if you are going to get rashy. If redness or itch appear, try CVS petroleum jelly with Shea butter cream, about $ 4.00 per tube for 2 weeks worth. It's lighter than the traditional diaper creams and low odor. You will have to wash your diapers every three days if you use the "dry pail" method. That's why I recommend starting out with three. In the end, you will want a "stash" of about a dozen diapers and three or four plastic pants. For the plastic pants; just rinse out and shake. Hang on a hanger in the shower to drip dry. Wash only when stinky. You'll end up spending about $ 400.00 for your whole set up. The cloth diapers etc. will start looking tired in about three years. Less the energy cost for laundry and water for washing, you will be dry and happy for about $ 0.35 per night. Contact me if you want to know more. I'll steer you arount to some good stuff here. Good luck. Stay dry and happy . Kelly.

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    Thanks so much for'tha tips! I haf'ta admit to being waay lazy. Everything I read says to use cloth if possible, and it's also totally green (!), but I like the convenience of disposables - especially for daytime. Your suggestion of cloth for nite-time may be something I try though, especially if I move more towards full-time. I'm sorta resisting that for now though, as there are too many times I need to be discreet. Right now, it's more of an "almost full time at home", but I'm quickly becoming addicted to giving up control.
    BTW- I just realized we're still in the Intro forum. I hope we're not getting too off topic (??)
    Thanks again!

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    I always had trouble coloring within the lines. Good luck in your searches. There are some debates as to whether cloth is really greener. I think so. I also grew up in cloth. And I'm a green earth lovin' hippie type also.

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