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    Hi every one I'm Zach,
    I just turned 15, I was potty trained about 2 and a half.I remember getting put right in to underwear and the first time having a "poop" accident.
    I never really wet the bed constantly but remember once when I was five or six where I had a dream that I was locked in a truck with no bathroom and when I woked up I was completely soaked. I guess my first experience with diaper loving was when I was 8 or 9 and found a huge box of pull ups under spare bed. I remember I could only squeeze a little pee out but I really liked it. And finally two summers ago I found a 2 old bag of my grandparents depends from 2005. Since then I have mostly bought under jams, goodnites, store brands, and depend underwear Ect. I'm glad to be in this community!

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    Hi Zach,

    Welcome to ADISC. You sure told us a lot about your love for diapers, but not much about yourself. If you talked a little bit about your interests outside of diapers, and of what you hope to get out of this site, that would be great!

    Actually, I'll try and get the ball rolling. You mention in your profile that you have an interest in politics - that's pretty unusual for a 15 year old. What gave you that passion, and are you involved politicly at all or do you just mostly like to sit, watch and analyze?
    You also mention that you enjoy baseball. Do you enjoy playing, watching or both?

    Welcome once again, I hope to see you around,


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    Yah, sorry about that I just needed to get that out of me.
    But about politics, I really have got interested in it because of my dad and brother. By 8 years old I could tell you the U.N. Sanctions we still upheld against Germany, when most kids had no clue what they are. I am an exceptional student and Im also involved in many politics clubs at my high school(JSA,Latin Ect.) Finally baseball, I play traveling and wish to play for my high school next year ( I was sick for try outs this year). I am starting first- baseman and my favorite team is the Chicago White Soxs. I'm very happy to be here!

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