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Thread: Greetings from Australia

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    Wink Greetings from Australia

    Hey everyone! I'm a bit of a lurker, as Moo felt the need to point out to me, but I figure I better introduce myself to everyone here.

    I'm an college student at the moment, studying Web Design full time, though I'm handy with all things computers. As stated, I'm a bit of a lurker, I tend not to be terribly social on the internet, though if I have something to say that I feel is important, I will.

    I tend to be mostly DL, but I enjoy being AB as well, living at home though tends to make aquiring and storing a little risky.

    I am heavily into playing computer games, most of my time is actually spent on computers, be it for fun or work. I also have a great interest in Anime and Science Fiction shows in general.

    I can't remember exactly how I managed to get here, but I figured it looked like an alright place. I don't know how much I can contribute, but I will try to where I feel I can and maybe learn a bit myself.

    Feel free to ask questions, I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can.

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    Hi it's nice to see im not the only one constantly on the computer. let me be the first to introduce myself and say welcome to adisc.Name's tai

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    G'day and welcome to adisc ... lots of cobbers here so lay down your matilda. Here's a billy of flat white and lamington to help you join the chinwag :-)

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    Welcome to ADISC! Look around the site, there's sure to be something for you, and you'll definitely meet some cool people around here. Consider checking out our IRC channel, it always has conversation.


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    g'day mate

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