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    So tonight I just got my onsie in the mail, so naturally I decided to wear it tonight! (Super cute on me by the way) well there is a bar across the street from my house and my friend got too drunk to go home so he showed up at my house! So now i'm in my big bulky diaper and my onsie and sweatpants laying next to my friend, super nerve racking! So I am wondering if anyone else has had a crazy diapered run in as well!

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    ...why didn't you just change into other clothes before opening the door for him?

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    He knows my garage code so he just came in, so I didn't have time to react I was already half asleep because I didn't get off work til late. And I can promise you this is not made up, i'm not like that but I love that you posted that image I got a good chuckle!

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazyboy135 View Post
    Care to explain what you found to be BS about this thread? Just calling BS without explanation is rather rude and unhelpful, even if the story is clearly false. And in this case, I'm not sure what seems to be BS about his post, as I find it quite plausible.

    Quote Originally Posted by natattack View Post
    He knows my garage code so he just came in, so I didn't have time to react I was already half asleep because I didn't get off work til late. And I can promise you this is not made up, i'm not like that but I love that you posted that image I got a good chuckle!
    Thank you for not getting upset at crazyboy's response. I for one can't find anything illogical about your post, especially with the additional clarification.

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    So let me get this straight. you decided to wear a diaper and a onsie, and your friend, being drunk, was able to show up at your house, and somehow type in the correct code to your garage door opener. we need more details. This story is kinda dry. I've had my share of run-ins as well. One time, my boss (when I had a job making vids for a football team) showed up when I was in Depends and Gym shorts. How embarrassing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by natattack View Post
    ...laying next to my friend...
    Did he pass out in your bed or something?

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    A similar thing has happened to me before on two occasions. The first was when I lived with my parents - I went to bed in a diaper, and two of my friends randomly showed up in the morning before I was awake. My parents let them in and sent them upstairs to my room to get me up (this was back when I used to sleep late, so whilst I say it was morning it was likely after midday) - they came into my room and jumped onto my bed, waking me up. They then sat on my bed for ages taunting me about still being in bed and then just generally chatting. I was hoping the whole time that they wouldn't pull the duvet off as I'm sure the diaper would have been visible under my pyjamas. Luckily both friends are guys so I was able to ask them to leave the room before I got up and dressed without them wondering why and I quickly got up and changed and they were none the wiser.

    The second occasion was when I was at uni living in halls. I came home early from a night out drunk and upset (I don't remember why, probably just alcohol-induced upsetness) and put a diaper on and got into bed. Not long after I had gone to bed my housemate and another friend came up to my room - I had a lock on my bedroom door but they kept knocking, I assume worried about me, and I had to let them in. I didn't have time to take the diaper off, so I just had to hope that my pyjamas covered it. They then came into my room and stayed chatting to me for about an hour! I don't think either of them noticed, although the conversation did turn to bedwetting at one point so it is possible they did and were subtly trying to hint at it through bringing bedwetting up (I can't remember how it came up now), but I think it was more likely just coincidence.

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    I had so many close calls involving my little half brother when I was laying around my room just wearing a diaper and a T-shirt haha! I know your feeling of awkwardness *snugs*.

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    Now that the event is over and done with, I can give the full story! Tyler is my best friend we have been friends for about 15 years, his family is like mine and mine is his! We spend an awful lot of time together so he knows my garage code and pretty much just shows up whenever and same thing goes when i'm at his house! Well I knew he was army the bar but I figured he would go home with a few of my other friends, so I diapered up and was about to fall asleep, well I heard the garage door open and assumed it was my mom ( she works 5-2 as a nurse) so I thought nothing of it until he burst in my door and jumped on my bed to watch tv, and so he feel asleep right next to me, as I am in a wet soaked diaper and my onsie, but now my mom came home shortly after so I couldn't run to change out of it, so I was stuck in that situation and on top of it all when I woke up my diaper had leaked so my sweatpants were wet but luckily the both of them were still sleeping so I ran and changed before they were none the wiser, good thing too because my diaper crinkles a lot so luckily he was drunk. Or else nat would have some splainin to do!

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    Yes, alcohol does wonders on the mind. I had similar encounters where my mum was too hammered to be able to realize I was diapered in my room. Besides, later on if they suspect something, you can always just blame the booze :P.

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