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    Hi im new here my name means armor for the bladder and bowels (in latin) my hobbies include gaming and blacksmithing

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    Hello there, interesting name (would not of know that). Welcome to the site. Blacksmith eh? Do you do it as a profession or is it mostly a hobby (well suppose both is an option as well)?

    With gaming, what genre of games do you tend to gravitate towards? Would RPGs be an accurate guess?

    Oh and of course, what brings you to the site? just curious.

    Anyways, Welcome to the site (again), hopefully you enjoy your time here, and don't be too shy :P

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    Blacksmithing ... how unusual! (It is to me!) Care to elaborate? ... and welcome to adisc :-)

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    Hi from the USA (a former colony)! I can relate to blacksmithing. How many sets of tongs do you have? Done any interesting planishing lately? PS I don't actually do blacksmithing regularly, but I do weld and had to do a good bit of research on blacksmithing methods for some ornamental iron projects I did.

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