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    Usually people start a greeting with their name, but I need to keep my identity secret

    I first found that I was a diaper lover from wikipedia, suprisingly. I searching their "fetish" page, and found out about DLs. That was last summer.

    I've been lurking around these forums since last year, when it was still the TBDL forums. I didn't use the site during the school year, and I probably won't next school year.

    I have to say that I envy most of you, for I don't get to have the pleasure of wearing a diaper.

    I hope to be a contributing member to this forum. I see that everybody here is friendly to one another, and I haven't seen any fights or flame wars and such.

    Oh, and if I make any posts, they will probably be really late at night...the time when I have any privacy at all. That will probably explain if my posts make no sense at all.

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    Welcome to the site, always good to have new members. Could you please tell us more aobut yourself such as your hobbies and interests? Fell free to ask questions and please take a look at our wiki articles and our FAQ.

    Great to have you here.

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    Let's see what I can tell everyone...

    I'm 14, soon to be 15.

    I'm a guy, and I live in the U.S., in the state with two peninsulas. I live in a family of five, so it is hard to find private time at my house.

    I am a geek. Plain and simple. I love band, and I spend most of my time on the internet. Thanks to Stumble Upon. I also love video games. Currently, I've been playing GTA IV all day for the past couple days.

    I'm a pretty good student, and I have quite a bit of friends. I've played sports for a couple of years, football and soccer (In my opinion, soccer is more fun).
    My favorite shows include Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Family Guy, Futurama, King of the Hill, and Tim & Eric's Awesome Show, Great Job! (I love "stupid" or "stoner" comedy). I love comedy movies and action movies.

    I hope that's enough, because I have to go now (the sun is coming up).

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    Welcome to Adisc Dkp! Even if you donīt post often, people will be friendly if you make an effort into posting! Itīs good to hear you found out about something of yourself through Wikipedia

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    Welcome, Dkp111113... no wait... Dkp1111113!

    Great to hear you've stopped lurking and decided to join the forums. And quite right to, cos it is a really friendly place. It can be quite addictive as well so be careful with that

    Anyway, yeah redtails is right, it's quality>quantity. The forums have a system that restrict you when you don't post in a while, but don't let that discourage you, it doesn't take too much to gain full access again. I find that if you want to enjoy posting here, as well as feel encouraged to post more is to try out the flashchat or IRC chat, as it means you can chat with all the regular users and visitors to the forum. It will certainly make you feel more at home here... which is how it should be.

    well, once again, a mahoosive welcome to ya matey!

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    *sarcasticly* OMG! Your first name will give away your identity! Ooooooh! Nobody can know mine its a seceret! (Chris) oh no someone could steal my identity!

    Loosten up! Everyone here is pretty chill.

    Have fun on the forums!

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    My first name is totally secret, so secret that you'll have to PM me for it! lol

    Welcome to the forums.

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    Welcome to the forum dude, I hope to see you around. If you have xbox live, pm and we will play on GTA IV xD

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    Welcome to adisc! It's always good to have new members...especially ones who type in clear, coherent English

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