View Poll Results: Seafood?

48. You may not vote on this poll
  • Fish (in general)

    21 43.75%
  • Salmon

    27 56.25%
  • Cod

    19 39.58%
  • Sole

    12 25.00%
  • Swordfish

    9 18.75%
  • Tuna

    23 47.92%
  • Shrimp / Prawns

    28 58.33%
  • Scallops

    16 33.33%
  • Crab

    22 45.83%
  • Sardines

    6 12.50%
  • Halibut

    17 35.42%
  • Herring

    8 16.67%
  • Anchovies

    3 6.25%
  • Squid

    12 25.00%
  • Eel

    10 20.83%
  • Processed Fish Sticks

    14 29.17%
  • Yes, yes and yes!

    14 29.17%
  • I don't like seafood.

    3 6.25%
  • Biased poll is biased.

    3 6.25%
  • Any other option not listed here.

    11 22.92%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Seafood poll!

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    Default Seafood poll!

    I just had some crab legs last night, which, in turn, inspired another super lame and biased Kaworu poll.


    What seafood do you enjoy, if you do enjoy any?

    And this time, I actually remembered to allow multiple choices. YaY for me!

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    fish is all good, except for mussles since I get sick from them

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    You know, I was born and raised in Michigan, a state surrounded by big lakes. One might suspect that I would love seafood, but I just don't. I love shrimp, really do, and I can tolerate a few other types. Shrimp is the only one on that list that I will eat by choice though. Perhaps lobster, but I've never had that and it's not an option.

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    Lobster, Crab, Squid, it's all good! But my favourite seafood has to be between 2 things.

    Smoked haddock annnnnnd Scallops ^^

    aaaaand now i'm hungry XD

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    Eh, options could of been better.

    I personally can't stand cooked fish. Now sushi on the other hand is amazing when you find the proper hidden gem location. Especially being in California where it's all fresh and not frozen garbage. I pretty much love everything on a sushi menu ... salmon, tuna, halibut, octopus, squid, mackeral, etc. etc.

    Even by itself though I find all kinds of crab, lobster, oysters, mussels, scallops (amazing), shrimp, prawns, etc. pretty damn tasty as well. I don't like fishsticks though, I'm not a gay fish.

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    I have never tried most of these. My mom is really allergic to fish, so I was not raised with seafood.

    My favourites are shrimp, pickerel (walleye) and smoked salmon. I also love many different kinds of sushi, but I don't remember what fish they were made of.

    The only fish that I really dislike so far is tuna. Tastes way too fishy.
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    Some on there I haven't tried yet (I have some Sole, but haven't cooked it yet). Of the options, I love crab, like Salmon (smoked, and has to be fresh Salmon, not the shit we get here), Like cod, and love grilled Halibut. Salmon jerky is another I really love (its soooooooo good). Shrimp is alright, I like it sometimes but don't like a lot of it. Scallops are the same in that I like them sometimes, as long as they are cooked right.

    Just remembered one not on the poll, I absolutely love catfish (good catfish, another one hard to find around here). I think I had walleye once as well, and it was pretty good.

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    This poll is missing lobster and mussels.

    Having grown up in New England, I have a pretty strong love of just about any and all seafood.

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    If it lives in the sea, I gonna eat it.
    I freaking LOVE seafood ^^

    My favorite is a cross between grilled shark steak with lemon or a freshly chucked raw oyster on the half shell.

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    I can really only stand seafood when it's battered and deep fried.

    Still haven't gotten around to trying calamari rings yet though. There was a traumatic incident in 10th grade biology involving a dissection that has led me to fear squid...

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