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Thread: Solution to Bambino Teddy Tapes?

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    Default Solution to Bambino Teddy Tapes?

    I just received my first pack of Vambino Teddys. I was awed but what I saw. It was twice as thick as anything i had before and the print was super cute. Put one on and it seemed fine at first but after a while the tapes came loose. I reapplied then one broke off. I heard the tapes are different but i didnt know they were this bad. Any ideas on how to fix them after they rip?

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    Snails. And snail paste.

    Ducks. And duck paste. I mean tape.

    Glue? Staples? Staples' staples? Or snail paste, just sayin'.

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    Bluntly - packing tape. You can either tape around the top of the waistband, or you can tape a strip over the upper tapes, crossing over the front of the nappy.

    However, Bambino were supposed to have gone back to the conventional tapes for the Teddy. It was the stretchy kind that had the problems. You aren't over-tensioning them, are you?

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    I don't think i was. At first it was loose enough to where it felt like half a pant size then I reapplied a little bit tighter. Idk maybe its because i first had jeans on. Trial and error i guess

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    agree with previous post, clear packing tape works great for those kind of issues though

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    Chances are you had the tapes too tight, but if you do have an issue, then duct tape or packing tape wrapped around once keeps the diaper there until you take a scissors to it!

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    I figured out the solution awhile ago when I realized I was stuck with a dysfunctional product. Instead of pulling the tapes at the end, try this. Pinch the base of the tape between two fingers where it doesn't stretch and apply that to the diaper of where you want it to stick. Do the same thing for every tape and you should be fine. You wear out the tape when you do the initial pull and with time/movement it eventually just gives way. No issues with my method though.

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    I've never seen a bambino tape pop that was put on without contamination (powder or oil or finger oil) that hadn't been moved at least once. Avoid touching the sticky part of the tape with your fingers. Make sure the tape is down on a flat part of the diaper, not over wrinkles. Once it's down right, rub with some force all over the top of the tape where it's stuck down to "set" the adhesive. Don't tape too tight. You'll be fine.

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    I just bought a sample pack of teddys along with my regular order and I experienced this problem as well. Just press them on firmly and they should stay.

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