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Thread: Looking for a specific kind of diaper (for my girlfriend) ^_^.

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    Default Looking for a specific kind of diaper (for my girlfriend) ^_^.

    Hi everyone! I need help. My girlfriend wants to get me some diapers for her (disposables not cloth). When I asked specifically what kind she said she wants pink ones for her and blue for me. ^_^ I really just want to get her some pink ones (I'll stick with my Bambinos). She also says she wants princess prints on them for her too, which I thought I'd just go to for but if anyone knows a place where I can get diapertapes with disney princesses on 'em let me know (she likes Ariel). She also wants frilly socks too. I thought about getting them off of cosy n' dry or some ebay site but I thought I'd see if there's any sites which other people would highly recommend I go to first, since I know there are plenty out there. Any suggestions, help, and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    well i'd comment that your GF has some fine taste
    do you know if she fits into those disney pull-ups? they have the princesses on them~
    I haven't seen ariel on them though
    as for frilly socks i dunno
    please tell her i said hi,i love seeing girls embracing DL-ism,and the fact that she's asking for some is so cool

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    I saw those princess pull-ups. I wish I didn't have a huge bum or I'd rock those!!!!!! I comfort myself with diaper tapes and such. If she has small enough feet, they sell frilly socks at Walmart (where I get mine!) and if she's a fan of princesses, they have this rocking light up Disney princess shoes. I found them in a size four, which is similar to a women's six and a half or seven (never sure, don't tend to wear grownup shoes.) The other thing is to find princessy plastic pants.

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    Target, for the socks!

    Home Depot, for spray paint!

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    Really great taste!

    I do agree that is great but you can always print your own with a colour printer.

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    Good Nites look pretty good. For frilly socks just shop in the little girls department, and get the larger size you can get, they will fit.

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    Unfortunately, I don't think I've ever seen pink adult diapers. Blue (Attends four-tape) and green (Wellness) are easy enough to find. Dry 24/7 are kind of peach in size L, and several institutional brands have a peach color in one size (S, I think). Perhaps gender-specific diapers are the next thing Bambino or ABU need to offer! Good luck in your search. I confess I'm envious that your girlfriend wants diapers of her own to wear along with you.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Would your girlfriend settle for purple? I know molicares are purple.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point Blanch View Post
    Target, for the socks!

    Home Depot, for spray paint!
    ha ha! Spray paint might actually be your best bet for pink disposables. I've never really seen them on the market. I would say go with Bambino Biancos + princess tapes, and follow it up with pink plastic pants. That's probably the closest you'll get to what she's looking for.

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