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    Exclamation Find Makarov

    Well, I was talking to my brother Joeseph, and he showed me this site. I'm actually curious to see if it's a hoax or not.

    Now, for those of you who DON'T know, Makarov is a character in the Modern Warfare series. He was one of the guys you didn't kill in the first MW, and in the second one HE started the Russian/American war. At the end of the game (It's been out long enough people, so I won't spoiler this) you killed general Shepperd, but you never found/killed Makarov. This... is interesting. I'd thought that IW (Infinity Ward) couldn't make any more games since most of the team quit/got fired. Now I'm REALLY curious!

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    Hmm, either its a trailer for the next game, or another possibility, its going to be movie continuation of the story

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    I'm thinking it may be like the live action Halo trailers that came out. That's my guess.

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    Either it is a sweet trailer for a new game, an awesome trailer for a continuation movie, or an EPIC trailer for a fan made movie.
    Can't wait to see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleDaniel View Post
    Its fake. Activision confirmed it.
    I thought it was clear since Activision/Bobby Kotick hasn't made a good decession in over 3 years. har har har. (Well, Bobby Kotick has likely never made a good decision.)

    Anyways I don't think the plots of Modern Warfare or Bad Company are any good. Kinda about as stupid/far fetched as Red Dawn's plot is in today's age.

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    i do a bit of this kind of stuff, and I reckon it's a fan made video... Don't get me wrong, it's incredible what they've done... but very amateurish in many ways... still I couldn't do this kind of stuff... far too easy to be a critic.

    Still love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshinori View Post
    Ugh.. we do not need more Modern Warfare. Let it die already.
    Lol. I want them to continue the story but i dont want them to do what they always do and thats release the same game every year with a few different maps. Its rediculous and i hate activision (for other reasons).

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