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    Hey everyone, I was wondering if you all could give me some advice. I am a little girl at heart, like many of us, but I am also a submissive. I have been with my Master for about a year and a half now and things are wonderful. I always call him Daddy and he understands that sometimes I like to be 5. But I have never gone any younger with him. I am just now starting to explore my like to go younger and to try out diapers (haven't yet but am going to). I want to tell him but I am not sure how he will react.
    He is an open type of person and listens to me, but I am not sure if this will be too much for him or not. He is a little older and kinda "set in his ways" so to speak. I want to tell him about it really bad and I want him to participate with me by continuing to be my Daddy and taking me younger and maybe even changing me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    You should just go along and tell him...I don't really see any other way that you will know

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    If he's a real 'master' as you say, he'd know what age play and infantilism are anyhow. A good dominative figure must know both his bounds and his subs interests and pleasures, lest there be no real relationship between the two.

    If this person is truly your master, it is your duty to be open and honest with him, and it is his duty to accomodate to both his needs and your own.

    I suppose I may be going deeper into this in the sense of BDSM and terminology, but I suppose it sort of erks me when I hear people speaking of masters and mistresses when they have no idea of what giving a person that title entails...

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    Thank you I think I will just tell him. And BTW-I know that he is truly my Master and what the title entails. I am only learning about this side of myself now and so it's not something about trust or not being honest. It's about approaching the situation tactfully. But thank you for your replies.

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