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Thread: When did you notice that you were interested in diapers?

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    Red face When did you notice that you were interested in diapers?

    I've seen people from the ages of 14-57 here, so I'm curious when the majority of the ADISC community began there journey to diapers.

    1) When did you first notice them, and were actually interested in them?
    2) When did you begin to wear?

    If you feel uncomfortable giving me an age, then perhaps Teenagehood, or Adulthood would be nice as well. Or just a story of your first time (noticing/wearing).


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    I believe I noticed, when I wore a few pullups when I was 14.

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    1) Around the age of 12 or so is when I first noticed diapers. Saw them on the Jerry Springer Show (I know full well that show has poor representation of many facets of life).

    2) Began wearing no more than 6 months ago. Took about 10 years to finally accept who I was and just give in to the urges.

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    1) When did you first notice them, and were actually interested in them?
    At age of 15.
    2) When did you begin to wear?
    At age of 17.
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    When I was around 11 I think. I remember being told every night to go get my training pants on since I was still bedwetting at the time. I'd start looking forward to getting told to a few hours before bedtime and I'd run to my room when I did get told to.

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    I cant really remember the age but what got me thinking about diapers was the malcolm in the middle episode where Dewy regresses from eating baby food. I know around 12 or 13 I started to make some makeshift diapers out of towels and experimenting with stuff like that. I never wore a real diaper until i turned 16 and could drive to the store to get some diapers.

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    Um, like found out about all this stuff? I think it was 13 or 14

    As for the second question, it was at 17 I think was the first time I wore.

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    Sometime in summer of '90, I was almost 7 years old that time, and my sister was a baby back then, so that how diapers got around in the house, and for some reason, I wanted to try one then one night, I sneaked in and stole one and tried it on, then rest is history. I am 27 now so I wear diapers on and off for about 20 years - long time.... =P

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    Weeeell, when I was, like, 5 or 6 I'd go to a friends house for sleepovers all the time. He wet the bed and his mum let me wear pullups too. It was just the best. Then there was my next door neighbour who was also a bed wetter but with real disposables which she let me wear from time to time. Ha, I was a DL right from the beginning! :S

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