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Thread: Money is not a problem anymore. What kind of AB/DL will you be?

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    Default Money is not a problem anymore. What kind of AB/DL will you be?

    Ok, I know this subject has been discussed before, but let's give it a try, one more time.

    You are set for money. Everyone you care about is taken care of. Finally, you can focus on you.

    How would your AB/DL side be changed by this?

    For me?

    I would switch to diapers 24/7/365 using only the good (thick) disposables (Abena, Bambino, German Brands). I would have to build a baby room with every option and accessory I have always wanted.

    Finally, I would build an AB/DL club just for our community to hold events, conferences, and parties. This thing would be massive. A huge room of cribs, diapers as far as the eye could see, and AB clothing of every option. I would set up a fund to help all of you get there through some kind of fair means (essay contest or hold a lottery, not really sure here).

    How about you?


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    Interesting question!

    Being myself DL only, in my everyday life I suppose I would just increase a bit my wearing frequency.

    I'd surely try going 24/7 sooner or later, but from past experiences I'm ready to bet it wouldn't last long.

    Having more free time to myself, a thing I'd surely be interested into would be making more real-life DL friends, since that's where my current DL life could definitely be improved. So, more than on the diapers themselves, of which a person can use a limited amount even if wearing 24/7, the extra money would be spent on travelling to visit new interesting places with... interesting people!

    On a side note: I just noticed from your profile that you haven't posted an introduction yet despite having been a member here for nearly a couple of years... we'll sure love to know more about you, so don't be shy!

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    Well, if money wasn't an option, how would my life change? Well, since my wife seems to have problems with my AB/DL side. First off, I would have a house built outside of town. That way, my guests would feel comfortable with going outside or into the back yard, dressed in whatever AB/DL attire they felt comfortable in. Secondly, the house itself would be built around AB/DL needs. Everything about the house would be designed to encourage AB/DL, and make being an AB/DL easier. The kitchen would be stocked with all kinds of AB/DL flatware, plates, pots, pans and even highchairs bottles, and so on. In addition to laundry chutes, each room would have a dirty diaper chute that lead to a collection bin in the basement. Most of the rooms would have cribs in them, along with the quint essentials such as an adult sized rocking horses, walkers, playpens, and changing tables. Most of the rooms would be in baby or juvenile color with wall paper prints. Some of the rooms thought would be closer to an adult level of decor (that would be for the DL guests mostly of course).

    Outside I would have a fenced in backyard with a privacy fence so nosy people could not see in. I would have a playground that would accommodate any adult baby no matter their size. I would also have a swimming pool with special filters so that the SAP from diapers wouldn't clog up the works. I would have a storage room stocked with only the BEST disposable and cloth diapers money could buy. The storage room would HAVE to special sized itself because it would outclass ANY diaper storage facility that any care giving facility had ever designed for themselves.

    An attached garage would be stocked with custom made and various sized car seats that would accommodate any adult baby. There would be 4 large custom made vans that would be designed to fit the special car seats in them (or not for when the DL's want to use it).

    OK, I'll stop there,, I could go on, but as you can see, I have quite the imagination! LOL but that is most of what I would do IF $$$ was no problem.

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    if ONLY money wasnt an option then i wouldnt change that much because i live with parents and couldnt order online anyway. And If i got more store bought where would i put them, not alot more room

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    I'd be the same, wearing when I feel like it, and that's about it. As for having been set money wise, I'd be on vacation the rest of my life.

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    Actually, I'm kinda living the dream already. My house is paid for, and I have no other debts. I can afford diapers and onesies at my leisure.

    Basically, having money gave me the option to wear when I want. I have a number of onesies and other stuff, and I'm planning to build a nursery this summer after I finish refurbishing my foyer. It allows me to more explore my AB side, as I can actually have onesies and pacis now too. It also gave me much more control over my diaper desires. Instead of always jonesing for them and then being overwhelmed with excitement when I get them, now I can enjoy them on a number of different levels, kind of like the difference between a teenager sneaking beer and a beer connesuir enjoying a craft brew.

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    I'm not sure money would resolve things. Buying more baby stuff would be good, but there comes a limit to what stuff you want (and actually my horizon is fairly low; I think that 10,000 would amply cover it). What's really at issue is finding

    - an environment where I could feel safe about openly enoying my ABhood
    - the right someone to care for me as I needed (and it wouldn't be 24/7, maybe a few days a month)

    The latter would be a continuing expense; the former might not be achievable at all...



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    Well, since money isn't an issue...

    I would have a house built for me that had a 'normal' side for guests, like everything is like a normal house, but then I'd have built in somewhere a big playroom for me and a special bedroom that was like it was for a toddler. I would probably also have a 'snack room', where I could keep snacks, sipper cups and maybe even cook 'childish' dinners. I'd probably also have a bathroom just for me, all decorated in waterproof tile (splash zone!) and probably a zillion rubber duckies.

    For the playroom I would want it decorated in something fun, like a big mural on the wall, but I'm not 100% certain what it would be of. I might go for a sort of 'rainbow' theme, which would mean anything would look at home there. I'd want a couple of big toy boxes, lots of space for my stuffies and lots of those little bin organizers because I have a lot of toys with small parts. I'd also love to have a little play kitchen, with refrigerator, stove, sink and all. Pretend cooking is a lot more fun than real cooking. I'd also like to have a TV to watch movie on and play video games on.

    For the bedroom I'd like it in pink and white. Probably decked out with Hello Kitty and again room for a bunch of my 'VIP's. (Very Important Stuffies).

    I've actually got a lot of it planned out in my head but I doubt it would ever come to anything. It's fun to think about though.

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    Honestly my DL Life wouldn't change by much....
    I would get a couple of things, maybe get a larger storage room where I can store my stash - I would buy in large quantities (which would give me better prices)...
    I would get a couple of plastic pants I always wanted but are way too pricey at the moment... (SEPTA... around 120$ ... I had one of them during my early bedwetting years (they were supposedly the only good thing to fit me and were less expensive back than...)

    Other than that - having enough money not to need to worry about that crap (money) ever again would be a dream come true, a blessing...
    I would set up my own shop - work half a year - travel the other half... would build a lovely home somewhere nice...

    Oh my dear... money... what a devil's stuff you are...

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