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    I apologize if this has been posted already. BHG is now offering their three diaper offerings in a variety case. I ordered one last week and received it yesterday afternoon. It comes with 2 bags each of the Teddies, Classicos, and Biancos. I must say the Classicos look a little more "babyish" than the Teddies but the thickness between the three doesn't seem to be a noticable difference. I now have almost 130 Bambinos in my diaper stash and that includes the two cases of Teddies I ordered back in December. I probably would've ordered a sample pack but unfortunately BHG doesn't ship those to where I live.

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    i have never tried the classicos. are those all white?

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    The Classicos have baby blocks that spell out BABY and between them are various other prints like stars, little teddy bears, and pacifiers. The Biancos are the all white diapers with a transparent landing zone for the tapes.

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