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Thread: has anyone here been?

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    Default has anyone here been?

    I found out recently my parents knew I was liked wearing diapers since it started pretty much, but they didn't care. I was wondering what kind of stuff happened to you if you also had been caught by someone.

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    I nearly had a mental breakdown... If that answers your question... But after that I wasn't too bothered about it really and neither were my parents to be honest.

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    Lol I remember I remember when my parents were taking to me about it I almost had an asthma attack.

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    My parents might suspect, I certainly showed some odd behavior in that regards when I was little. They know I've dabbled in cross dressing and barely reacted to it. I also think though that it falls under the category of stuff they don't really want to know, nor should have to know.

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    well, when i think my dad figured it out i freaked out for a few days and got depressed for a while but after i realized that he probably didn't care and wasn't going to tell anyone, i was fine with it

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    Quote Originally Posted by partyanimal88 View Post
    ...but they didn't care.
    How did you find out that they know? Did they really say, "That's okay, we don't care.", or was there any comment, positive or negative?

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    I am not sure actualy I mean my mom found my spot for used diapers at the same time I was trowing one away :s, I lowered my head and couldnt think of anything to say fortunely just said next time dont use this spot (my bedroom window), and twice or trice my mom found some diapers in my room and she said next time put them away better (I was like 0.0), I am pretty sure she knows I used at least a few times, (she must have though I was just trying them out) but I am sure she doesnt know I actulay like wearing diapers. (should I tell her? BTW she isnt the problem my dad is, he already knows I am bi, I dont wanna think what would happen if he found out this to)

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    My dad found a stash of diapers in my car once, confronted me and I told him to drop it. Hasn't mentioned it since. I feel pretty lucky knowing my parents really don't care.

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    back in the day they knew i had hidden diapers sometimes i would wear right after i was potty trained. They eventually found them and got rid of them, so they knew i liked them But i doubt they think i still do.

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    My parents found messages that i had been sending to a fellow dl and about had a meltdown, and i had to come clean to them. it wasn't easy and everyone was crying at some point, but i learned they don't really care about me being a dl, or a furry, or bi, or anything, they just care about my mental and physical well-being, which resulted in me having to see a therapist, but i don't really care because my parents and i still have a great relationship.

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