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Thread: Thank you, I never thought I would find such a forum!!!!

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    Talking Thank you, I never thought I would find such a forum!!!!

    Well hello everyone. Im glad I finally decided to do some googling and stumble across this forum. I Have had uncontrollable urges to wear diapers for as long as I can remember, were talking 4 and up. I am now 22 and come to the grand conclusion Im a DL. Im even wearing one now . I like to wet and "mess" my diapers it gives me great satisfaction. I always thought of myself as an outcast as I do live in the "Bible Belt" of NW Arkansas. Most people here are very close minded and therefor limited people to talk to if any... However I did get lucky with my fiance, she is VERY open minded as she is a psychology Major at a top university. Thus understanding why I get the urges I do. However I have only told her recently she was more than accepting toward the idea and even put one on herself lol.

    I was rather surprised at just how many others there are like me out there so for all the other brave ones out there coming out of our "diaper closet" thank you very much and I look forward to making many a friend on here!!!!!!

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    Welcome to the site! I'm pretty new here myself , but from what I can tell so far there are some very friendly people here and some really good advice. I'm incontinent myself but in the past day or so I've learned quite a bit from reading through this forum.

    It's great to have a supportive girlfriend! From what I can tell having someone so close that supports you generally don't happen in the majority of cases (although I could be wrong. It's just a conclusion from what I've read here).

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    Hello and welcome! The girlfriend sounds like a keeper! I'm sure you'll make a few friends here, as well.

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    Howdy, and welcome to ADISC! You will indeed meet some interesting people here, make a few good friends, and find plenty to talk about.

    You're extremely lucky to have a supportive and understanding fiance, as this unusual interest, as innocent as it is, can be really hard for others to take. My advice: never let her forget how much you appreciate that.

    Besides being a DL, what else makes you, you? Other interests, hobbies, passions, odd knowledge? ADISC tries hard to embrace whole people, not just their AB or DL sides.

    Stay dry and happy!

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    Yes, I am happy too for you having found a partner who accepts your quirks and especially in a zone of lowered tolerance. That's great to hear; and I am happy you found us here; we're more than "just the diapers" and have enough mass for anyone to find several others into their own particular niche: from babyfur suiters to military vehicle enthusiasts to post-punk avant-guardists. Bien venu.

    Did she by any chance put one on to see what it's like, or to let you see her in one? Both are good reasons; what was her reaction?

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