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Thread: How do you do it? O_O

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    Default How do you do it? O_O

    AKA, paranoid person buying diapers for the first time. How do you do it without panicking every time? xD Because good god, everything that could've gone wrong aside from flat-out being seen buying them and stared at did happen.

    I didn't even intend to... I was at the store buying other things and got caught on a whim. Found the aisle and noticed that straight ahead was an employee stocking shelves. She's paying no attention, but in my mind she's going to look up and see a 20 year old girl grabbing adult diapers and I'll be caught. Reality is if she spotted me she'd probably pity me, thinking I have some awful bladder problem more than anything else, but you don't think like this in the moment xD Multiple people start walking up and down the same aisle and I'm stuck staring at lip balm for 10 minutes praying for them to leave... I walk away and do a circle only to find another employee has parked himself right in front of the aisle to stock elsewhere... Keep doing circles, certain that someone's noticing me and thinks I'm insane... and then an older guy goes up the aisle and spends quite a bit of time thoroughly examining each package. xD I envy his lack of embarassment, but he was in his 70's at best and obviously beyond caring what people thought, hehe.

    I finally get them, and thankfully there are self-checkout aisles where the bagging thing is right next to the checkout thing(everything is a "thing", I have no idea what these are actually called, lol), so no conveyor belt... but, as I start heading up, not one, but FOUR employees gather right next to it, for no apparent reason, just talking and standing exactly where I don't want them to be. They finally scatter and I manage to get everything together and paid for, and my only stroke of luck was just getting out of there xD I'm antisocial as it is, trying to be antisocial and secretive is too much work for me. Especially since I seem to define Murphy's Law.

    Anyone else have an interesting/funny/traumatic first-buy experience? hehehe

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    I once did the same thing, pacing the aisle in a circle, waiting for the right moment. The one time I went to WalMart, I told myself this was going to be quick and painless. Although, once I got to the diaper aisle, that didn't exactly happen.

    I noticed there was one middle-aged woman in the aisle, looking at the medication placed across from the diapers. I got so nervous and prayed to God that she would leave. I went one aisle over to watch my target aisle and "inspect" arm braces. xP There was another man in the aisle with me, also looking at something intently. After nearly 5 minutes, the lady in the aisle finally left, so I took the opportunity and jumped at the diapers, throwing them into a bag.

    Once I got to the checkout lane, a young woman, probably in her 20's, was working the register. Oh, and guess who was behind me in line? The creepy man that was in the aisle over from me. I wonder if he though it was weird how I wasn't buying an arm brace. >> Once I was next in line, I put the bag on top of the conveyer belt for her to scan. I got kind of a weird look from her, but it wasn't really noticable. It must have been in my head. She said in almost a laughing tone something like, "Do you want a bag for these?" I told her, kind of embarrassed, no, that I had my own.

    Definitely the most awkward experience I've had with purchasing them before. That is why I vow not to shop at WalMart for diapers anymore.

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    I have the same problem. I swear the last time I bought diapers, they thought I was a shoplifter. I must've been super pale and shifty looking, and kept hanging around the store trying to look like I was shopping for something. Anyways though, I go to a 24/7 drugstore, usually around 11:30 at night. Sure theres like 3 other people there, but there's never a lineup. I also buy a witty retirement card or something. It makes the cashier think it's a smart-ass gift. I think. At any rate, it makes me feel better ^^

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    I remember looping the aisles because of people/employees and being so paranoid that everyone knew and cared what I was doing , but my most awkward moment was one time when I was buying diapers at CVS. Just before I went I gave myself that same mental pep talk to go inside and by the Diapers. I go in get the Diapers a couple other things everything went smooth the cashier didn't even give me a second look, all was well. As always I asked the clerk to double bag everything.I did this because I had to walk home because I was to young to drive, I was not even thinking about hiding the bag. I'm very glad I did because as soon as I stepped outside there was my Aunt ! I was so nervous, after she asked me how I was and what I've been upto seemed like an interigation by the FBI! So finaly she goes in to the store! I was literaly shaking after that! Because of that I didn't buy diapers till I could drive and go to a store a town over!

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    not exactly my first buy, But I went to buy Assurance diapers at Wal-Mart (of course) and sure enough, a small crowd of people, I grab one bag, and another falls off. So I take it to Self Check-Out, and much to my dismay, they don't accept Visa Pre-Paid gift cards. So I leave... Awkward...

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    I've certainly been in your boat before.
    After many years of doing it though - and especially after learning to accept myself a little more, it's kind of old hat.
    In time - you'll learn to relax and know that no one is looking at you or even thinking what you might think they are thinking.
    I've never had a single comment in many years from store employees. At this point however - I'm only purchasing diapers in a store if its an emergency: far better products online for those of us who can have 'em shipped home.

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    The first few times can be pretty hard, yeah, but honestly no one knows or cares about why you are buying diapers. You realize this, eventually, and it becomes much easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LazyAB View Post
    The first few times can be pretty hard, yeah, but honestly no one knows or cares about why you are buying diapers. You realize this, eventually, and it becomes much easier.
    I hope so I almost had a heart atack last time (this week) I went to the store and I my mind I kept repeating to myself do it just do it and I end up pretending I was getting diapers for some kind of charity event.XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by flydogfly View Post
    I hope so I almost had a heart atack last time (this week) I went to the store and I my mind I kept repeating to myself do it just do it and I end up pretending I was getting diapers for some kind of charity event.XD
    I've totally played the charity card before. I've only done it once though because I'm a terrible liar. Now I just don't say anything except the bare minimum. I just smile and say thanks.

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    Not my first either but once i went to restock on Cool Alerts for gaming and only had pure dollar bills. The cashier gave me a wierd look
    and even asked "Are these for you?" I had to respond No and lie that my parents send me out to get them and that they only had dollar bills
    to give me to pay for it. Though i dont think she bought it.
    Now i know not to pay in 1 dollar bills just 10s and 20s. Looks kinda wierd to do that.

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