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Thread: What ALCOHOL are you drinking?

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    Cool What ALCOHOL are you drinking?

    Well, instead of just a thread for just beer, though I'd say most just treat it as this, I have created a thread for a wider range of alcohol. Scotch, Vodka, Rum, Beer, Wine, Screech, whatever. As long as it's alcohol.

    As for me, I'm having a 'TGI Friday's On The Rocks White Russian Vodka' blend.

    What about you?



    Man, I just realized how bad my webcam is....
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    Here in the "states" you would have to be 21 to drink alcohol. Fortunatly I'm 51 so I'm on my third glass of Almaden Mountian Burgundy.
    No work tomorrow.

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    Ol' Milwaukee. Cheap, cheerful, plus theres a hot pin-up girl on the can.

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    vodka shnapps kaluha and malt liquor. put THAT in a bottle and suck on it

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    Diet Coca-Cola. :3 I can't stand alcohol; it tastes terrible to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultrapampers View Post
    Basil Hayden Bourbon. Neat.
    Yummy. I usually throw in one small piece of ice.

    Last night, because of how much snow I have at my house right now, I decided to have a Knob Creek slushie. It was good but normally I don't water it down that much or drink it that cold unless I'm having a Mint Julep.

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    I'm not drinking anything right now, but I'm going to buy myself some Alexander Keith's beer later. I'm more of beer/wine person than a hard/mixed person.

    Quote Originally Posted by KTH View Post
    Diet Coca-Cola. :3 I can't stand alcohol; it tastes terrible to me.
    Good for you . I don't really like the taste of alcohol either, but I drink it anyways.

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