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Thread: Visiting my parents

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    Smile Visiting my parents

    I left home 18 years ago and although I have been home many times since with my wife and kids, today was the first time on my own.

    Without my two boys with me the issue of diaper stuff became very real for me. My parents don't know that I wear.

    So what have I bought?

    A disposable pampers changing mat
    3 diapers
    Pull up stretch pants
    Nappy bags
    (and my pacifier)

    I'm wondering now what the best way is of disposing of my used diapers!

    I feel like a teenager again - oh the stress!
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    well you have said that you are actually incontinent right? if so it should really be a non issue because youre wearing out of need, all you have to do if they ask is tell them about it, shouldent be that bad just dont tell them about the other stuff

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    Is there any particular reason that you don't want to tell them about this? If it's a genuine medical problem, why conceal it from your parents, of all people? I can understand concealing certain afflictions, such as cancer, in order to avoid causing them stress, but incontinence? It's embarrassing, not life-threatening.

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    I agree that you should tell them.

    I too am incontinent and as of recently I've had to start wearing a diaper 24/7. To deal with having to dispose of your diapers without stress, explain the issue and how you came to be incontinent. I will have to do the same in the near future. It's scary but necessary.

    I also agree you don't need to mention anything about your AB/DL side. You may also want to use an adult diaper such as a Depends or a store brand for the weekend you are there.

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    I really appreciate the comments. The main reason that I've not told them stems from a recent serious ilness my mum suffered from resulting her being in hospital for nearly three months. I don't really want to burnden them with my own health concerns.

    Although I am starting getting used to being incon and what that means for me I do feel a real amount of shame with this.

    As far as me developing an AB/DL side - I don't think that is something they need to worry about.

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    I think it would still be alright to tell them even with your mum's recent illness. Becoming incontinent isn't serious or life threatening in most cases and is more of an aging thing for most of us. Think of it as going grey or balding. Mine is from a faulty valve at the base of my bladder and an aging back. It's all in how you present it to your parents. I understand the shame, I'm going through same thing right now and it's only within the last two months that I've had to resort to wearing a diaper. Parents worry about us all the time regardless of what they know about our personal lives and our parents have gone though many of the same things we are going through now. They are older than us and are more than aware of the aging process. I had to tell my mom about some pretty disturbing news this past summer and since then we've begun to open up to each other about medical issues we both suffer from. It's nice but eye opening all the same.

    I wish you the best on your decision.
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