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Thread: Computer randomly restarting

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    Default Computer randomly restarting

    My desktop PC is having problems. Its 3 or 4 years old and is an EI-System E302 running XP Home 32-bit.

    It will be working perfectly, then it will just die. There is a 5 second gap between the computer completely freezing before the power is cut and it will then go back to start up. If I'm listening to music it will jam on a piece of music. It doesn't shut down just dies then starts up again.

    I have changed the RAM, and it now has 2GB instead of the 1 that was there to start with. It still does it.

    I have tried 2 different hard drives, all with different OSs on, still does it.

    I have disconnected everything except keyboard, mouse and monitor, still does it.

    Done virus scans from AVG and Radialpoint - Nothing come up

    All drivers have been updated, still does it.

    Tried all software and it still does it.

    Its not a problem with overheating. It is set to beep when it gets very hot, and it has only done that once.

    Since the computer started doing this, on startup there is a very loud high pitch buzz which will last for a minute or 2, then it goes back to normal.

    There is nothing that i have done that always kills it, but there are some things i do that are more likely to kill it. This is usually leaving it on without touching it for more than 10 mins, or anything that uses flash.

    Thats all i can think of to tell you at the min. Ask if you want any more info or you want me to try something.


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    In your BIOS, you should be able to view statistics of the hardware (fan speeds, core temps, etc.). Google how to get there on your motherboard/BIOS and leave it alone and watch for fans spinning down, voltages doing weird things, and other abnormalities.

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    sounds like you need to upgrade your PSU wattage, although I could be wrong, you should try starting it in safe mode to see if it still does it (press f8 while it's booting from bios).

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    I feel soooo stupid. I just went to take another look inside and the motherboard's power connection was loose. Just clicked it back in. Gonna leave it for a bit and see what happens. It doesn't exactly explain it all, But maybe it will have sorted it.

    I restarted it and the buzzing has gone, So maybe that was it.

    Thanks for the help anyway.

    Just a quick update - Its still working fine now, But i'm going to reinstall the OS, Then have tomorrow putting all my software back. OH JOY!
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