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Thread: hello my new friends

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    Default hello my new friends

    want to say hello to all my new friends i will make on here (hopefully)

    iam just a plane old 46 year old (gwm) from ohio
    i drive truck for a living , i tend to be on the quit side till i get to know someone
    one of my biggest things is the fear of judgement and what my peers will think of me
    iam in diaper about 90% of the time urge incont
    have a big interest in institutional bondage and being controled by someone
    iam not looking for a full time baby to live with me (been thair done that)
    lot more to me than a wet diaper
    love the history channel
    allways up for a good chat
    want to know more just ask
    hope to here from some of you guys

    cant think of much more to say lol
    ttyl roger

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    Welcome to the site. I hope you'll find it a good fit for you. Glad to hear that there's more to you than just diapers. A focus on the whole person is definitely one of ADISC's things. Most of us are pretty keen on diapers and they're great but there are lots of other things out there. As for what else you might have to say, take a look at this thread for tips on writing introductions and maybe something will occur to you. Other than that, look around the forum, get a feel for the place, give us your opinions, observations, and experience where it seems likely to do some good.

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