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Thread: Shaving "down there"

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    Default Shaving "down there"

    I wasn't sure where to put this. I figured it would either go in the mature topics forum or the AB forum, and since there's nothing too explicit here I'm guessing the AB forum is the best place...

    Anyway, I've got a bit of a problem. Normally my skin is pretty resilient. Never had any problems with rashes and when it comes to shaving my face I never use shaving cream and never have any problems. However, whenever I shave my diaper area my skin suddenly becomes very sensitive. See, after I shave everything's fine and dandy. But if I try to put on a diaper and use it afterward I get hundreds of small red bumps that stay around for weeks afterward. Now I figured this was due to infection so the last time I did it I waited about three days or so before putting on a diaper but it still happened. I use shaving cream and shave in the shower too so that isn't the problem either. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and, more importantly, if they know how to prevent it from happening. I'm thinking its a problem with ingrown hairs so does anyone have any advice on how to avoid that in this case? I know that with face shaving you're supposed to splash cold water on first, then shave in the direction the hair grows (or something like that), and then wash off with hot water. But when it comes to something like shaving a diaper area I don't much cherish the thought of taking a cold shower that long and I don't even known in which direction I would be supposedly shaving either (I normally just go down toward the legs).

    Anyway, I hate to discuss this sort of thing since it makes me feel like some creepy perv but its something I'd really like to get solved since it would make my life a lot easier in terms of changing (only one working shower in the whole house and its the one connected to my mom's bedroom so you can imagine the hassle that causes).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akira View Post
    There's already a thread much like this in Mature Topics. ^^;
    I saw that but its more concerned about whether or not people like their partners to be shaved. I'm asking about a health issue here.

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    I have found running a razor with hot water for a minute works well... at least with me anyway.

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    Sounds like ingrown hairs... and generally irritated skin. If you shave often and don't let it really grow long, lets say you shave ever 4-7 days, then your skin will eventually get used to it. Then you won't get it no more. I used to get a whole bunch of red dots REALLY bad that itched and burned like mad... the more I shaved the less I had them.

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    Okay... two things.

    #1: Always use soap or cream or some kind of shaving lubricant when doing sensitive areas such as arm pits or groin.

    #2: DO NOT use the same razor for your face as you do other parts of your body. There are bacteria on your face that will cause problems elsewhere... plus it's just kinda gross.

    I shave my diaper area regularly while I'm in the shower... never had any major problems.

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    I have tried shaving "down there" myself, too, but found it too be much too irritating for my skin. When I want to get rid of all the hair in my diaper area (which is probably every 8 weeks or so) I use some chemical creme from Veet (another, even better and cheaper one is called Pilca, but it's a German brand) meant to be used for your legs. It explicitely states not to use it in your groin area, but if you don't keep it on your skin for too long it's way less irritating than shaving. It's also way easier to use it on the whole area, as you can't cut yourself

    I'm not sure if I'd use it more often than once every two months because I'm not too sure if it's a healthy thing to do, but it's way faster to use and I don't get any ingrown hairs, which is a huge plus. Maybe you should just try it yourself.

    Btw, try to get a no-name brand of this creme. Veet is ridiculously expensive, although it's still ok if you use it only for that area as one tube lasts some time

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    I would NEVER advise using a chemical hair removal system for 'down there'. You can have a SEVERE reaction...I had used "NAIR" on my legs numerous times in the past and figured it was safe to use it I did...and ended up with burns on both legs so bad I couldn't wear anything but a thin cotton nightgown for several days!!!


    • Shave in the shower.
    • Make sure the water is hot and the area to be shaved is very wet.
    • DO NOT USE SOAP as it dries the skin.
    • DO USE a shave cream/foam!
    • Use a new sharp razor (every time you shave 'down there')!
    • Shave WITH the hair growth (not against it) to prevent 'ingrown hairs'.

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    I shave my diapered area, pits, and face (not with the same razor) once a week, and have for several years now. I hate hair... it's nasty, stinky, and visually unattractive to me.

    I only use soap. I don't use much else for it... when I used shaving cream it actually made my skin very irritated. There's things like dyes, colognes, etc. in shaving creme that could irritate sensitive areas - and the groin IS a VERY sensitive area.

    My best advice for you would be to use something like... maybe skin lotion... to lubricate while you shave. As for bacteria... if you're concerned about infection... like Darkfinn said, don't use the same razor for more than one area (face/diaper area, etc), and if you really want to be sure... never use any chemical hair removal for down there.

    Most importantly though: don't expect perfect results the first few times. Your skin may be unused to it. It'll get accustomed to it if you do it often enough.

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    I have the same problem when I shave down there.
    what helps me tell things clear up is to use a diaper rash cream like Desitin
    you should try it.

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