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Thread: Diapered in Public and Proud!!

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    Default Diapered in Public and Proud!!

    This is my reaction to several post I have read over the net (including this site). They state that one should do their best to conceal, and hide their diaper in public. They also state that one should definitely not mess themselves while out and about. Some have even went as far to say that one should represent all the other DL's out there and be secretive. Well, I totally understand why one would want to be discreet, or not mess while wearing a diaper in public, and I think that is fine. As well, I think one should obey the laws. Running around in nothing but a diaper is illegal in a lot of places, and the law should be respected. However, for those who enjoy a thick diaper with a pair of tights on go for it!!! I do. One of my greatest joys is being out in public noticeably diapered and sometimes I even smell like poo. This is who I am, and I am not going to hide. "Represent other DL's" What? So we should all hide in secrete and be ashamed of ourselves? I have done that for most of my life. No more! I love who I am. I am not hurting anyone by being a bit smelly and noticeably diapered. Really, should a gay man not act gay in public? Should a drag queen stay at home? What is the difference? I have a right to be myself. Like i said earlier, if it is not for u that is cool, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing oneself. It is great that we live in a place where people can go out in drag, diapered or whatever. Sure many will think it odd, and even get offended. Hell, would not the world be so boring if we all let that stop us. Be yourself!!!

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    Butterfly Mage


    Generally, I view discretion as not a cover for shame (as I am not ashamed of who I am). But I try to have some measure of discretion because I don't like to make other people uncomfortable on purpose. For me, being reasonably discrete is a "consideration for the feelings of others " thing more than a "shame" thing.

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    The reason why we usually look down on people that chose to pompously mess in public is because the smell is horrible, and it's not fair to subject others to it without there consent. In my opinion, it's a terrible lack of savoir vivre (just like those people that feel the need to spray an entire bottle of eau de Cologne before going out are terribly insensitive >.<). Not wearing poopy diapers outside is about not causing discomfort on others, not about being ashamed.

    And frankly, as a babyfur, people with the same kind of attitude as you have hurt our reputation. Once in a while in a furcon there will be a babyfur that will mess his diapers, causing much smell and even more backlash against babyfurs at large... much to the annoyance of the 95+% of babyfurs that would never mess around people that would find it uncomfortable.

    As for "gays acting gay", well, sure. But, and I can tell you this from personal experience, excessive public displays of affection get annoying for all third parties. Fast. Straight or not.

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    I have to agree with Near on this. I have no issue wearing diapers in public (under clothing that I would normally wear) and I don't really care if others notice but I'm not going to go out of my way to make other people feel uncomfortable. My general feelings about where to draw the line on anything can be distilled into a single question: If I do this, am I turning anyone into a victim? If the answer is a yes or a maybe then I think it is best to avoid the activity. For instance, if someone who is incontinent has a messy accident in public and others notice, there is no victim because it was not an intentional act. If someone chooses to purposefully cause a huge stink around others with the intention of getting the others to notice, then it could be argued that there is a victim because you are intentionally causing others discomfort. Also, just because you like to do this activity doesn't mean that the AB/DL crowd as a whole has been holding back on it because they are afraid or embarrassed. I can't speak for others but I can't imagine that a lot of people here would go out wearing tights over a messy diaper in public, even if they felt no shame about it.

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    There is a difference between being proud of being a DL and flaunting it in the face of people who don't want to know. Going out in a diaper and not feeling embarrassed or self concious is great, there is no shame in a being a DL despite what people may think or say; that said I do believe it is very disrespectful to people if you poop in public and visibly show off your diaper.

    They may not pay attention at first but when they do they may feel disgusted; not because you are a DL and think you are a perverted freak but because you are being inconsiderate of them, I don't like it when I see teenagers walking around with their underwear showing and I would feel the same about diapers showing. As for the poop, well it smells like shit basically; it isn't nice and we all know it which is why if it happens (if you're incontinent at least) you change ASAP rather than "savour" it and clean up when you get home.

    Be proud of who you are but be courteous of everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butterfly Mage View Post
    ...consideration... of others...
    THIS! Consideration seems to be waning in our society today. Inconsiderate drivers, people who yap on their cell phones while a barista tries to understand their order, and yes, people who would willingly mess in public all have no regard for their fellow man's pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

    Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law
    Until you violate the rights of another
    Respect the space of your sister and your brother

    -- 311

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bebo View Post
    for those who enjoy a thick diaper with a pair of tights on go for it!!! I do. One of my greatest joys is being out in public noticeably diapered and sometimes I even smell like poo.
    dood. that's not cool. you're being really inconsiderate to the people around you. and worse than that, you're encouraging other people to do the same thing. don't promote rudeness.

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    I don't think it's appropriate to flaunt such a thing. It's great if you're not ashamed of being a DL, but aside from recent trends, society generally considers a person's undergarments a personal matter.

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    There is a great line in between pride, and consideration. I feel like this post [and the actions described in it] goes way over it.

    The only way that messing in public is acceptable is if:
    1. An [actual] baby does it.
    2. An IC person does it.
    3. If the place is deserted. [Still, not really recommended.]

    I also see that this is your first post. I suggest that you, please, introduce yourself on the intro forum.


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    If you want to show of your DL side, print it on a T-shirt. There are miles of difference between showing pride in who you are, and throwing it in someone's face. Taking steps to ensure that everyone around you knows that you are wearing a messy diaper sounds like it's more about making others uncomfortable then about self expression. Just my 2 cents.


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