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Thread: Mozilla Firefox App WOT (Web of Trust)

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    Default Mozilla Firefox App WOT (Web of Trust)

    Does any one else use this app? I've found it to be quite useful for avoiding websites that may contain maliousious software that gets onto your computer just by visiting the site. It desplayes an icon next to websites when you do a search, and also has a icon next to your adress bar that tells you how trustworth a site is. Also lets you see a scorecard for the website, bore you vist it or see the score card of the site your curently on. It's a great app, also has parental controls for parents. I checked this site and it has a really good scorecard

    Our scorecard is as follows:
    Trustworthness: 99/100
    Vendor reliabilty: 98/100
    Privacy: 90/100
    Child Safety: 76/100

    As proof that this is a good tool, I checked a recently shut down site that has been bashed (and with good reason) at this site several times and it's ratings are not so good. Most of you know exatcly which site I'm talking about.

    Rating are as follows.
    Trustworthyness: 65/100
    Vendor Reailablity: 72/100
    Privacy: 36/100
    Child Safety: 15/100

    Also many sites have comments on the scorecards, so you can see what other people think about it.

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    I use it - it is sometimes useful, although I disagree with some of the ratings

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    thanks for the info - I will give it a shot on my firefox

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