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Thread: Slow PC

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    Default Slow PC

    Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me out

    This is my rig

    Asus M4N82 Deluxe Motherboard

    8GB Ram (DDR3)

    2 Nivida asus 9600GT Graphic Cards in Dual SLI

    Windows 7 Pro

    Every time i try to run Microsoft flight simulator x it is so slow i have more than double the required specs any u guys computer tecs and could lend me a hand ?

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    are you trying to run the content off of the disks or did you do a full install to your hard drives. if its on a disk thats low on space or fragmented then that will slow it down, if its an ide drive time to update to a sata interface.

    open task manager to see what else is running, windows 7 should have something called resource monitor which might shed light on the bottleneck. you can always go to the game settings and start lowering the settings for details and other resource hungry settings until the speed improves. good luck

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    Make sure you have the most up to date drivers for your graphics cards. I also looked up your game on Wiki and it mentioned a couple service packs. Make sure you have the appropriate one installed.

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    Are you running slow on other games or applications also? Have you tried any stress tests? It might be something going on with the game. Add any patches you can find and see if that helps.

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    That's one powerful rig! I can't say much else than to update your video drivers. Except, I've had problems with NVIDIA before.

    Team Fortress 2 used to run flawlessly with my mobile series card with 1GB discreet, until I updated my drivers. After that, it was really jumpy during intense moments. It could have been the fault of a patch implemented in the game, but I'm not entirely sure. Some people with the same problem have told me about this, as well. Sometimes factory settings (or maybe older versions, if you built your own rig. If this is the deal, you might not even have to worry about it at all) on your drivers can be a good thing. ^^;

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    1) If you didn't deploy W7 64 bit, 5 of those 8 gigs aren't doing a damned thing for you.

    2) That said, this is probably a video driver issue.

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    Nice rig. Is it just the game that's running slow, or is it the whole system?

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    Another thing to check is if your running your cards in SLI mode or not. Sometimes both the nVidia and ATI control panels don't turn on their respective technologies (SLI for nVidia, Crossfire for ATI).

    Also, I would do what others have suggested here such as updating your nVidia drivers.

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    It's likely your CPU.
    Ram after 6gb is useless...
    Videocards work but if your cpu is shit then Yeah.
    HDD's upgrade to a 7200rpm drive for os. Just do it and for programs.
    Make sure your ram is 1333mhz+ or it will bottleneck.

    If you have double the min required that does not mean it will still run well. min means just that. The breaking point where it will/won't work.

    Make sure you have a 64bit os. Gpucrads will take some of 32bits ram amount.

    Blablabla fast post is fast. Also make sure your CPU is cooled good the hotter it gets the quicker it maxes out I find.

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