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Thread: What would nursery room theme be.

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    Default What would nursery room theme be.

    If you cloud to have a nursery what theme would you do it in like me like pooh bear and outer space. I figure a way to build crib so it blended with the theme but still has the same idea of keeping baby safe at night time.

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    That's funny because back in my old house, our first two children's rooms were in those themes. One was in pooh bear (the classic characters, not the Disney ones) and the other was in space, I believe. Eventually we changed the pooh bear room into a farm theme which was also cute.

    EDIT: Also, I'm more little kid-like than baby-like. I would choose a Harry Potter theme perhaps or something like that.

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    im not rooms walls are still blue from when i was little but for a nursery theme it would have to be something Disney, not sure what though because there's too many i like....

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    Hmm. Either Thomas the Tank Engine or SuperTed. Probably the former.

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    Right now, How To Train Your Dragon... because it is the best. Ever.

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    I've been putting together a 'wish list' of sorts and mentally designing a 'playroom' for myself. Since I tend more towards being a younger kid than an actual baby, I didn't want a nursery.

    I looked at probably thousands of different cartoon characters/animals/whatever themes for kids rooms and there weren't any that I instantly liked that would mix well with other things. I decided just to have a light pink/white theme because of that. Generally it would be easy to find things that work together because it's just the color that matters. And then it would work with my many girly themed blankets.

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    I guess my problem would be getting tired of a theme after awhile. I love Pooh the most probably... but I'm really into the "chocolate and pink" theme these days!

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    I don't know me I really like have the room theme it makes it fun for me, I don't know about other, however.

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    My theme would probably be something very classicly babyish. Nice, simple nursery prints in pastels - pacifiers, rattles, teddy bears, babies bottles, rocking horses, building blocks, safety pins etc.

    Something like this (although a different colour scheme):

    Then also cute cartoon baby animals, especially kittens and bunnies. The room would mostly be pink, but would also have pastel yellows, lilac, pale green, white and blue.
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