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Thread: favorite toys or other baby things

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    Default favorite toys or other baby things

    I have a stuff wolf I call Toko. I head Toko saints I whas a little baby. to this day I still play with him and sleep with him my wife thinks it the cutest thing aver. So what is your favorite toys or other baby things? Old or new.

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    My favorite old baby thing is my blankie but it is very old and fragile so I don't get it out that often.

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    I think mine would either be Matchbox cars or Legos. We have a big tote-sized tub full of loose Legos, and I have two big buckets full of well-worn Matchbox cars up at my parents' house.

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    i think my favourite baby things would be the tiger plushie my boyfriend got me and my blanket ive had since i was little

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    <-- My teddy bear, Buzzy. And time for an unconventional "toy" in people's car keys...

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    My favorite would definitely be my Teddy he's a panda that I've had since i was born

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    This was my fovourite toy... Why I was too asshole to let the leave that job...

    Itīs real train, of course. I learned to drive a train before the car. I have to say that the car is ver, very easy. Train not. Why ? You never know where youīll go, and from (only) 100 km/h you canīt stop at less than 400 m.

    All of my life Iīve something with railway and electricity.

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    My favourite is definetly my plushies. Since coming across ADISC, and subsequently embracing my AB/DL side more, I have started slepping with them again. I lopve them to bits

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    it amazing how something simple like plushies toys and pacey can bring so much joye to people like us.

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