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Thread: What do you do in your diaper?

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    Default What do you do in your diaper?

    so just wondering how many people wet and mess or if they just wear...I myself wet and mess.

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    Title: Very Disturbing, But Eyecatching (at the least)
    I think it should be something like "Wet or Mess", but then again, we have hundreds of these posts.

    As for the actual topic, I just wet, as messing is just disgusting IMHO.

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    Wetting for me as well
    Messing only happens if im winning a game but a tiny break will mess me up
    So its a last resort option XD

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    This thread covers essentially the same ground, so I'd direct you there instead: Please have a look around the forums to see if there are similar threads already in existence and open before starting a new one.

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