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    I was just thinking as I was folding my diapers after washing them, when I was a kid and wet the bed yes I was one of the many that wet the bed as a kid and no I was never put in diapers for it. What I see in my bedroom (more like nursery) would have made me cry and though a tantram when I was a kid begging not to have to wear diapers, now as an adult I have stacks and stacks of cloth diapers and many plastic pants, and a couple cases of disposable diapers, as a kid that would have been a nightmare for me, but now it a dream come true a good one.

    How many of you have bedrooms that you would have hated as a kid but like now.

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    Not being a bed wetter I desperately wanted to be back in diapers, ever since I was 4. It's just the irony of it. I wonder though, if my mom had said, "Would you like to be in diapers?", even wanting to be in them, I wonder if I would have mustered the courage to have said yes. I wanted to be in diapers, but if others found out, it would have been humiliating. But to answer you question, now I have my diapers and plastic pants, onsies, footed pajamas, plushies and my sippy cup. I don't think I would have had the courage to have indulged in all of that if offered, even though I would have been in little boy heaven.

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    Well, I guess I'd have to answer that with a no. I don't have the bedroom I want. The bed room I had when I was single was the best bedroom I ever had. The bedroom of my dreams is not AB/DL related, but rather resemble a bedroom out of a palace somewhere. I know for a guy it might sounds strange, but I like 4 post bed with nicely designed canopies over them.

    Now, if I had my way about it, I would cordon off one room of the house, and in essence turn it into my secret bedroom / nursery.

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    My room at my parents house is exactly as it was when I lived there, only much less clothes!

    It's got pink walls and light wooden laminate flooring. As a child I would have hated it! I hated getting out of bed in the morning and standing on cold floor like I had to at my friends house, and I hated pink!

    I grew up to be the ultimate girly girl though, and so when I was 17 that's how it got done up

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    Im laying I'm my house right now in my master bedroom...pretty castle like...oversized everything...king bed with a headboard that is about 6' tall. Hardwood floors coffee nook separate bath and steam shower...large's a great room...

    Now Im still working on my play room...have to wait till all the construction is done here to finish it...but that will be a nursery room...can't wait till I can complete it...

    Then when I want to feel little and sleep withe toys and such I'll go over to that room...else I have my grown up bedroom as well...


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    I wet the bed until I was 6 so I think that caused me to like it.

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