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Thread: padding tips

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    Default padding tips

    1. Lay down first.
      1. Fitting everything just right is easier when you aren't trying to hold it up, or press yourself against a wall, at the same time.
      2. Laying down also makes the application of powder, oil, etc, far easier, and very much reduces the chance of spilling any. Spilling powder is usually not such a disaster, but oil can stain things badly, and be very hard to get rid of.
    2. Do the bottom tapes before the top ones.
    3. Before sealing the bottom tapes:
      1. Move the leak guards inwards, so that the diaper is taller but not as wide between your legs. This tends to be more comfortable, and lowers the risk of the leak guards cutting into your legs.
      2. Take the time to make sure that both front and back are level in height. You may need to lift yourself up, and tug the back up a bit, to ensure that they're level.
    4. Before doing the top ones:
      1. Make sure that the "wing" plastic is wrapped tighly around to the front. It can be uncomfortable when it is allowed to bunch up. You may not realize it at the time, but once you change, you may find pressure marks on your skin from where the material clumped up, and the clumps were taped against you, exerting pressure.
      2. Spread your legs a bit, then pull them back together. That should be comfortable. If it isn't, adjust.
    5. After doing the top tapes:
      1. Stand up, and apply tape from a roll (preferably the kind that tears easily, but sticks to anything, such as carpenter's tape) around the top. Be sure that you go all the way around 2-3 times. If you only go all the way around once with the tape, it will probably break later. This tape makes it fit far more snugly. Try not to tape exactly over the built-in tapes - this will make it harder to remove later. You can cover part of the built-in tapes, but try to leave some exposed, so you can get underneath them and easily get the carpenter's tape off later.
      2. Make a note of anything you've found that fits well - or feels uncomfortable. Practice makes perfect, and if you learn a little each time you do it, very quickly, you'll be a good at it.

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    why would you use tape? that seems so inauthentic!

    i have found that diapers tend to be wider than the span between my legs and folds up funny, so i make it a U shape when i put it on by pushing in the middle of the diaper when i bring it up. it feels like a sagging diaper but its dry

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    Moo, thanks a bunch for the tips.
    (It is really great to see you posting once more about everyday stuff.)

    I personally do things a bit differently though.

    My routine:

    1. Spread out the diaper on a flat surface, spreading all plastic mostly flat.
    2. Apply powder to the diaper padding itself.
    3. I put it on while standing myself, so I put my back to a wall and step over the diaper with one leg so that it will be positioned between my legs.
    4. Pull the diaper up and lean back against the wall once the back is over my butt.
    5. Move one of the sides in and place the top tape first (middle tape if it's a 3 tape-per-side system)
    6. Straighten out the diaper and pull the other side's top tape on.
    7. Move off the wall and stand up straight. Slide the diaper further up into a snug fit.
    8. Tape the bottom tapes (or top and then bottom tapes on the 3 tapers), pulling them tightly to make them fit snugly.

    That has been working very well for me now for the past couple years.

    I will have to try things the Moo way some day. Of course, the best is having someone else put it on, but this will have to do in the meantime.

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    Is this a test to see if people nominate things for article status? :p

    Thanks for the tips I'll have to look into getting a roll of tape soon.

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    Looks like everyone has a different way. I do it standing leaning against a wall or a door. (I started doing it sitting on a toilet and taping the top ones then standing up finishing taping the bottom then reapplying the top one (first time on I just very lightly applied a small part of the tape) then the same with the bottom. When going to LA in the summer I graduated to doing it fully standing up in the airplane lav.

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    I like Moo's way, but I don't use tape at the end...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    I like Moo's way, but I don't use tape at the end...
    I generally don't unless I don't trust the tapes that are provided. For instance, I always used big bands of tape when I was using Depends. I would also tape in between the legs, over the seams, as those would always tear apart and create massive leaks if I didn't tape them shut ahead of time.

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    I don't know. Seems kind of complicated. I'd suggest just pressing the button on your robot butler.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocky View Post
    I like Moo's way, but I don't use tape at the end...
    If I find a diaper that consistently needs tape, I don't buy that brand again.

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