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Thread: are snugs a good diaper

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    Wink are snugs a good diaper

    hi im new to this so bare with me i was surfing the web looking for new brands of small company diapers when i stumbled across snugs they look like a adult huggie brand i think they might be an aftermarket bambino i just need to know because i grew up on huggies and snugs could bring back some good memories

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    from past experiences they seem to be a very good product.
    They are absorbent and they are very well made and they look like huggies!!!!

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    I looked into them when I first heard of them, they look like institutional brand with some mommies scent sprayed on them. Buy some bambinos and some of the mommies scents and have a hayday ( and a better product).

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    if you go to SNUGS and look to the right you will find what you are looking for.

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