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Thread: wear to college?

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    Default wear to college?

    so who wears to college and what do you do wet or mess?

    I have worn and done both

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    I am a senior in college and I have worn diapers to class on a few occasions. I personally don't recommend it. I was nervous the whole time and I was afraid of being caught. Now I know that probably nobody was staring at my crotch or my butt but I was pretty nervous anyway. I wore a diaper to a final one time and I even wet it and I was pretty sure it leaked. Fortunately it didn't but I was so self conscious. I'm pretty sure I would never mess in class because the smell would be a dead giveaway.

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    You shouldn't refrain just because you are nervous. Nerves go away after a while and you realize nobody flipping cares. No, they are not staring at your crotch or butt and if they are they are perverted anyway and are unlikely to point out what they think they see.

    That being said repetition and a good diaper lead to a stress free / care free experience. But please don't mess around other people because that is nasty. Do it on your way out or to change.

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    I've worn them around my school and wet them. Never in class though because I'd rather not be distracted then.

    Also I don't particularly fancy messing, at all.

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    I don't when I'm going to class or there's a significant amount of people out and about.
    I do wear sometimes when I go studying in the science or education building late night, and very rarely beyond that (besides my own room, of course).
    I've gotten somewhat past nervousness by learning to wear long shirts that go further down than just my waist...

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    I've worn to the library once...and too a club meeting....but nothing more....mostly because i'm not sure what I'd do if i need a change, cause even on short days i'd have to wear for at least4+ hours.

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    I did wear at college. Mostly in my room and around the dorm, but on occasion I would wear to the cafeteria or just around the campus. I never wore to class. Guess I did not have the guts at the time. If given the opportunity again, I believe that i would wear to class.

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    My bedwetting returned 5 years before I started living in a university dorm. In addition to bringing my own waterproof sheets, I arrived with quite a few Attends Small. The housing director had told me that the campus general store, located a couple of blocks away, sold all sizes of Attends. My roommate had indicated on her form that she did not mind sharing with a bedwetter.

    Because I had been allowed to move in a couple of days early, I had the chance to meet many other students. They mentioned that on the evening of "Move In" there would be a selection of keggers.

    For a month before this I had exchanged snail letters with my roommate, Frances Weaver, so I knew she had taken a year off after high school to tour Europe and was 19. I was only just 17. While I was helping Frances unpack, she suggested that I put on an Attends under my dress for the keggers. I had admitted up to then I had never consumed alcohol.

    All that evening I nursed a single cup of beer. So it was Frances who got so drunk she wet herself. I needed to help her back to our room. I put her to bed in my bed because it already had a waterproof sheet. To help her be more comfortable I put an Attends on her before re-making her bed with my spare waterproof sheet. In the morning Frances thanked me. Once she was changed she went with me to the general store to buy herself a pair of waterproof sheets and also a couple of boxes of Attends Small. It turned out she had often wet her bed even during high school and sometimes on her tour of Europe.

    The first 3 years of pre-law I did not usually wear an Attends to class, but during Senior year I had many very long classes. The more often I wore an Attends to class, the bolder I became. Frankly nobody cared.

    The next summer, while moving to law school, I lost all my day control. So since 1985 I have been profoundly urinary incontinent and diapered 24/7.

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    I have worn to class on occasion. Usually, it was when I wore a Goodnite to bed and didn't take it off until after my first class in the morning. Messing in public is rude (unless you have a medical condition) and I dislike messing anyways, so of course I didn't do that. I never wet it because I was too afraid it would leak. :/ Occasionally, the diaper was already wet because I had wet it before falling asleep, though.

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