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Thread: (Not spam...) Almost $10 Amazon Gift Cards

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    Default (Not spam...) Almost $10 Amazon Gift Cards

    If you watch Traveler, you may have already seen this.

    I thought this may be helpful to anybody who wants to order diapers online, but has no way to get money... I've never done it, but Traveler wouldn't review bullshit...


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    It's worth noting that if you write a lot of particularly good reviews, you may be invited to participate in Amazon Vine - which allows you to get your hands on a lot of good stuff for free (for review purposes). My sister is a member, and she must have had the better part of 1K's worth of books, CDs, electronic and and electrical hardware over the last 2 years.

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    Just so everyone knows you must be 18+ and live within the 50 US states

    I'm trying it out right now. I've got nothing better to do, other then maybe bake more cookies.

    plus I've play a lot of games and watched a lot of movies. Though I just reviewed my EVGA 8800GT GPU card. It's a good card for a low budget build currently IMHO. Anyways I'll let you know how it goes. I think I would likely spend the gift card on getting a collar for my favorite plush dog. :P


    Well I signed up and competed 10 reviews on products I do actually own and made them 900 characters long. Of course this offer ends in 3 days and I don't expect a amazon 10 dollar code within until 1-3 weeks.

    Here's my profile page on the site showing I did ten reviews of mostly games, but also of a GPU, cell phone and camera. All of course written via my own thoughts on them.
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