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Thread: Motorbike Racing and nappies? (BSB)

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    Default Motorbike Racing and nappies? (BSB)

    I did a search and nothing came up so hopefully it hasn't been posted before.
    Anyways I was flicking through one of the bike magazines I pick up and on one of the pages they had grid girls from the BSB (British superbikes). It caught my attention because they were wearing dresses with Tena on them.

    Turns out that there is a team sponsored by Tena. Really one thing I thought I'd never see having to do with motorbike racing is nappies You take your sponsors where you can get them I guess. And they are supporting a charity etc so its good business.

    Anyways for more info visit here
    ( WARNING the site has some annoying flash music/sound of some sort - just thought I'd warn )

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    There are pics up around (AB Kingdom I think). I guess its just another sponsor to them. Its abit weird to be advertizing diapers that way

    "And Team Pampers is in the lead followed by Depends with Huggies in third" lol

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    Kind of funny, It might be a bit awkward driving in a car that says "huggies cleanteam" on it

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    Nice Tena Babes!

    Quote Originally Posted by OneMoreMan View Post
    Kind of funny, It might be a bit awkward driving in a car that says "huggies cleanteam" on it
    Not really. Think how much money you'll be getting. Plus a thrill of a car chase.

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    Little ollie


    Wish I had one on last night going in that evil wind had to slow down to 35 in a 70 zone so as not to be blown off it was that bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanzertas View Post
    NASCAR has a Huggies car. I think it is in the lower division, though.
    Bwahahahah. Just be glad that driver didn't win... I can see the victory lane speech now.

    "Well, the Huggies car sure soaked it up out there today. We took a lot of shit... but managed to hold on till the end."

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    LOL this thread has been hilarious from the start! Anything goes in the sponsoring world but I've never seen these ones before! Great pictures to back it up as well

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