Hello, my name is Craig. I am 38 year old male that lives in Dallas, TX. I have been in diapers almost all my life. I am a life long bedwetter, and a DL with some AB tendencies. I am happily married to a great women. She is very supportive in regards to my diaper wearing. I also like plastic pants, especially on women. I guess I would also say I love the any female (adult) that wears a diaper or plastic pants. I have been really lucky that my wife is adventurous and likes plastic pants as well. She has tried wearing diapers but does not really "like" wearing. I am hoping to meet and chat with people that have similar interests. I really look forward to being a good contributor to the ADSIC board. Ease feel free asking me anything. Thanks for letting me introduce myself. Also I like the outdoors, fishing, mountain biking, and golf.