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Thread: Cloth Diaper Recommendations

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    Default Cloth Diaper Recommendations

    The two companies I currently use are going out of business.

    Changing Times Diaper Company
    -Great Pre-folds and plastic pants

    Adult Diapers Snap-EZ 4 Life
    -Great AIOs and Pocket diapers

    Does anyone have any recommended places for cloth diapers, prefolds and AIOs/Pocket Diapers?

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    Changing Times is going out of business. It's one guy called Robert that runs it, and his day job has taken over his life to the extent he feels he can't run the store anymore.

    I always recommend for flats, prefolds, and plastic pants.

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    In addition to adult cloth diapers dot com, I highly recommend Kins of Canada, the adult size division of Babykins.

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