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Thread: What's your dream car?

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    Cool What's your dream car?

    I'm curious. What is the one car that you have always wanted? Do you ever think you will own it someday? My dream car is the 2003 Enzo Ferrari. It is a V12 mid engine sports car. The Enzo Ferrari was produced in a limited run of 349 cars and was priced at US $643,330. Invitations were given to existing Ferrari customers, specifically ones that had purchased the F40 and F50. After nurmerous requests, Ferrari built 50 more Enzo Ferraris, bringing the total up to 399. The Enzo typically trades for upwards of one million dollars at auction. Ferrari Enzo. My chances of owning this car someday are probably slim to none. All 399 were sold long before production started.

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    I had a feeling someone would say they wanted a VW Beetle. I personally, am not to crazy about them just because they are so squaty. They are to small for my taste.

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    Personally a PT Cruiser

    i know they DEF aren't the best cars out there, but in this one car game I have, it's my only one and I usually only play it when I'm bored XD, my main car is a PT Cruiser, and I beat everyone everytime.... It's a RLY fast car once u customize it fro stuff, although there are a lot faster ones XD

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    1997 Honda Civic

    Not a really good picture, but its the only one I found on Google that wasn't riced. I actually own one as you can tell I don't want some ridiculous European monster. But my dream Civic has around 75k spent on it. Pocket rocket anyone? hehe

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    Hopefully I get my dream car next year about this time, If I can sell my present car for what I want for it.

    I always wanted a brand new corvette, right now my old one which I bought 2 years ago has 14k miles on it, that is the lowest mileage corvette I have ever owned, but like it says, I want a new, never been used, by anyone else, so next year 09 looks good so far.

    This is the old one if anyone is interested

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    One that will be safe to drive, and get me from place A to place B on time.

    I really see no other reason except a ''coolness factor'' to have any other kind of preference (e.g ''D00d, this car maxes out 200kmph!'' When it's not even legal to drive that fast).

    Do correct me if I am wrong.

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    I'd love to have a 90's Supra Turbo. Better than any 'vette or Ferrari IMHO. Properly modded ofcourse.

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