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Thread: Little Things In Life That Annoy You

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    Angry Little Things In Life That Annoy You

    To redress the karmic balance of joy and misery:

    • Bad walking etiquette (people who walk really slowly right in the middle of the path, people who won't make way for others carrying or pushing something, people who block the pavement by walking together in a line when they could walk to one side...)
    • People who don't know when there is no need to talk
    • Tabloids
    • People who go to music festivals and complain about the paucity of facilities or hygiene
    • When someone has squeezed the toothpaste from the top of the tube instead of the bottom
    • That horrible shade of cyan that seems to plague the exterior of so many modern buildings
    • Executive flats
    • People who say 'could care less' instead of 'couldn't care less' when they mean the latter
    • Advertising
    • That politicians steadfastly refuse to speak like actual, normal people and just answer the question they have been asked and instead engage in doublespeak spinning nonsense, which only makes their reputation and image worse
    • Celery
    • Television programs about renovation and the housing market

    I could probably go on for longer than is healthy for me, but I'll leave it there.

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    In no particular order:

    • Avoidance of the ever-so-difficult task of emptying the dishwasher by leaving dirty/smelly crockery all over the kitchen
    • Towels left on the bathroom floor
    • Hair/Nails/etc in the sink
    • ^ On the floor, anywhere
    • Flatmates refusing to open their post, and allowing it to build up into Mount Paperest on the kitchen counter
    • My intermittent single-tuner Sky connection, which should have twin-tuner capability and, WORK!
    • Chavs/Scallies/Similar
    • People answering the phone with "What?"
    • People who can't be arsed to reply to an email until two years later


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    These are mostly ones that irk me while I drive!!

    People who do not use their turn signals on their cars!!
    " " who T.W.D., or Talk While Driving!! Get off the phone & drive!!
    " " who go slow in the fast lane & who drive to slow period!!

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    Not many things.

    But, erm, like, using 'erm' 'like' 'oh' and ''um'' in posts um, is like, erm, totaly stupid, mmkay?


    (I'm not making a point against anyone posted here, don't feel offended, it's just a general statement, to which I deployed sarcasm)

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    Little things in life that annoy me huh, that'd be creationists..

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    Footed P.J.


    When my mother types an email like this. She tries too hard to fit in at times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Footed P.J. View Post
    When my mother types an email like this. She tries too hard to fit in at times.
    Why'd your mother type an e-mail like that??
    Last edited by redtails; 25-Jun-2008 at 16:40. Reason: silly me

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    Footed P.J.


    She just likes being cute even though she is 59. She likes to think she can fit in with anybody, including today's I33tsp3ak1ng teenagers.

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    Heh, at least she's trying.


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