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Thread: If an AB/DL was designer or CEO of a diaper company.

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    Question If an AB/DL was designer or CEO of a diaper company.

    I was wondering if an AB/DL was CEO or given the task of redesigning diapers. I think we are some of the most picky people when it comes to diapers. We give details about diapers that other people wouldn't even cast a brain cell to. It seems like all the diaper companies in the world are getting cheaper and cheaper with each new design that comes out. Like when Tena took off the landing zone of the American version and also made it thinner. Now those tapes rip on me all the time. Depends are like blah. The plastic is far too weak. You can't refasten the tapes (let alone taking the tape off without ripping it). You literally can't depend on it for anything in the world.

    Would you think that company would be in good hands when it comes to quality? What would you do if you were given the task of redesigning. What company would it be and how would you fix it?

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    It is definately an economic situation based upon whether or not they can purchase the amounts needed to supply such a diaper and who will buy it. If they make 1,000 diapers an only 300 people buy them, they are in a great surplus, then they will have to lower prices and may not be able to purchase what is needed, or repay for the materials used. (I'm in an economics class). There is an AB/DL designer, and that is ABUniverse, who make their own diapers, and sell enough at an equilibrium price, so people buy them, but they have enough money as a profit and to pay off the company who made the diapers. The greatest question of all is, Who Would Buy Them? Besides AB/DLs, I don't think many "regular" consumers would pay much attention to a new diaper brand. But quite an interesting topic indeed!

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    I would choose Huggies. The first order of business would be adult-sized denim diapers, so I too can look cool pooping my pants. Adult sized pull-ups would be an interesting prospect as well. Discreetly sub-contracted and sold or course. Not sure how the public would react to adult-sized baby diapers.

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