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Thread: 6 tape bambino?

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    Default 6 tape bambino?

    I was just thinking, Bambino diapers would fit me a LOT better if there were 6 tapes instead of 4. For my waist, 36", I JUST fit into the mediums. For them, two tapes is fine, the only place I can fit the lower tapes is around my legs, and they just make it to the tape zone. But they leak up out the top when sitting because they're not tall enough in the front for me. (yes, I'm down, up would be instant catastrophe)

    So I wear large during the day, but those fit very large. The top tapes are fine, but the lower tapes can either be in the front toward each other, or down around the legs. If I tape them front, the diaper fits well and is discrete, but leaks easily around the leg cuffs.

    If I tape around the legs, they miss the tape panel completely (so can't be moved) and prevent leaks, but then the middle front of the diaper isn't attached to the back and puffs out badly and doesn't fit well, even tight front jeans bulge forward. And it's been known to leak out the SIDES since the front and rear wings are separating.

    Right now I have on a large for the day and the bottom tapes forward, and I've added some of my own tape to pull the leg material together, but I'm not expecting that tape to stay put all day.

    So I'd like to see a 6 tape bambino. Who's with me on this?

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    I have to agree with you on this one. The back flap of a Bambino has so much space from the bottom tape to the bottom of the flap. I can squeeze into a medium bambino with the bottom tapes being tight enough. I bought large this time around and the bottom tapes always feel loose. The mediums feel fine but the rise didn't really satisfy me. They should add 2 extra tapes or redesign the current tapes so the crotch isn't so loose.

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    I have to agree on the fit of Bambinos as well. I have big cyclists' legs, so the mediums don't fit me very well, as I have to pull the legs uncomfortably tight to stick the tapes. The larges, however, are way way too large.

    I'm thinking that either a third set of tapes would help, or if they just moved the second set of tapes up and cut the legs a bit more loosely, the fit would be better.

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    I absolutly agree too. Same thing with the Abenas. I think that is the one thing Depends gets right with the fitted briefs. I buy them sometimes just for the extra tapes. I think adding one more per side is a must, and possible two more. That would allow for a much for custom fit.

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    I really like it when a diaper nicely fits my hips. Six tape attend diapers feel great, except for their mediocre quality.
    I'm all for 6 tape Bambinos!

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    I've never liked briefs with 6 tapes. I considered the 6-tape Attends a nuisance when they came out, and later bought the 4-tape varieties from other companies. I liked those considerably better.

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    6 tape would be awesome. You just need the diaper that bambino uses for a template to go 6 tape and your golden.

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    As with everything, there are trade-offs. In terms of leak prevention, having tapes near the edges is best, since they are best able to support the seal. Bambino went with two tapes, close to each other, to try to approximate the fit of a single tape. (Or at least that is my guess.) Going with a single tape would have required a custom (large) tape assembly and been even less secure.

    There are three factors working against us - reasons why we need lots of tapes while real babies don't. I could go into these if there is interest.

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    I like the ide to. Maybe we should send a e-mail to the company about this?

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    I sent an email to Bambino inviting them to look at this thread. They seem to be more interested than their competition when it comes to listening to their customers.

    ---------- Post added 21-02-2011 at 11:36 PM ---------- Previous post was 19-02-2011 at 06:48 AM ----------

    I received a response to my email today, sounds like they were not aware of adisc. Hope they have a rep create an account and get involved.

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