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    Howdy ADISC,

    I have lurked the ab/dl community online for years and have only now started writing.

    A very sensitive person, but one who has a love for my reality. My psycho-sexual attachment to diapers has probably inspired my psycho-sexual connection with engineering, I have an intrinsic(many people i know say spooky) ability to relate to tools and machines that goes back to my earliest memories. I am a highly skilled but easily frustrated builder and thinker. I love conciousness for its existence and choose not to read too much into the deep philosophy problems.

    My fearful attachment to society tends to make me a victim of my own reality, I have a difficult time relating to people because my process and theirs is very different.

    I am writing to the community because I began working independently with artificial intelligence and artificial conciousness and am looking for others who have similar thinking. I believe that people are self modifying informational processing systems that can be bounded in a manner similar to how the uncertainty principle in quantom mechanics works.

    Despite this, life takes on meaning as the things(and hopefully knowledge) I create transcend time and people.

    Despite my intrinsic seeming skill and desire for understanding, I have not obtained a college degree because the college environment inspires fear in me. I have, on the other hand, a great love of books, music, animated film, and articles and try to spend a healthy amount of time absorbed in my reading.

    I hope my writings to come inspire understanding and tolerance.


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    7 views and no one has thought to write a greeting?

    Am I--the drowner of horses--to be the first response rowf has on the board?

    Oh goodnesh.

    OP: What are your thoughts on Patricia Churchland? Specifically, Neurophilosophy? Do you see mind-as-brain, mind-as-emergent-property-of-brain, or mind totally removed from brain? These items will have great import on, and in fact direct, your thinking on the subject.

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    Thanks for reading...

    I see mind as an emergent property, a manifestation of the structure and rules of the system.

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    I have to say, after reading your post, I don't know what to say to the ideas you put forth, as they're stuff I've never considered to consider considering (yes, that was deliberate ). I'm guessing you're very much a detail-type person? Detail people are usually the ones to save my bacon after I through out some big ideas and then have no interest in the actual details of making them work.


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