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    I'm not really new here, well not extremely but I never gave an introduction. My name is, well for these purposes it's Zia xD. I'm 16 and a sophomore in high school. I've always liked diapers as far as I can remember. I have a bad tendency to come off as blunt and abrasive but I assure you I mean no harm lol. Lately I've really been wanting to try the tb thing and have talked to a few people from this site already, so thanks for your support! So hello!

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    Hey Grayon. I guess the least I can do is say hi since we've had a nice conversation going on. I got to thinking, you're in cold country since you live in Michigan. All I see on the news is how much snow so many states have gotten, including Michigan. Here in Virginia it's been cold, but we haven't gotten much snow. This week, however, it's been in the 60's if you can believe that.

    I know you're going to be a good addition to the membership. By now you know there are many different topics going on. I think it's what makes the site fun. As for me, I work in a school by day, and do church music at night and on Sunday. I love riding my bike in the summer, and I enjoy writing. I've been working on a novel for two years and hope to finish it this summer. I'm also published on Nookbooks. We are a diverse group!

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