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Thread: Are the Baby's R us diapers good stuffers?

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    Default Are the Baby's R us diapers good stuffers?

    Thinking of using these as stuffers.

    Babies R Us 92 Ct Ultra Value Box Diapers - Size 6 - Babies R Us - Babies "R" Us

    For close to the price of a normal pack of pampers you get 92 of these. I'm thinking of using them as stuffers.... so anyone have any experience with them?

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    Generally any large sized baby diaper would make an adequate stuffer and disassembling is actually quite easy if you follow pamperchu's video (I'm too lazy to link to it right now).

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    I'm sure they'll work just fine. A stuffer doesn't need to retain leaks well or fit well or any of that, it just has to have pulp and SAP. Any diaper will do the job, and the cheaper they are, the more your wallet will thank you.

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    If you are looking for stuff in babies r'us why dont you look at this ....

    Select Kids Baby Diaper Booster Pad - 180-Count - Select Kids - Babies "R" Us

    If its only the stuffers you are interested then this might be the less expensive choice for you

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    If your gonna use them as stuffer order the size 5s, the size difference is unnoticable as a stuffer, and you will get more for your money.

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