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Thread: what diapers you wore growing up.

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    Default what diapers you wore growing up.

    I remember being in Luvs diapers when I was young. I know this because theres a picture of me clad in only the Luvs diaper standing in the box of Luvs diapers. I had a big smile on my face lol. Well the other day, I decided to buy a pack of Luvs for stuffer use. Ive been using the pampers extra protection. I have noticed that the Luvs wa absorbs way more than the extra protection pampers. They are softer and it smells better in my opinion better than the pampers. Even though Luvs were always cheaper than the other big brands. Also were bigger and more absorbant than the others. Are there any other luvs fans in the house? What diapers did you wear growing up?

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    Drypers. first they had Crayon designs, then sesame street designs, then eventually circus designs. Too bad i can't find anything about them online

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    Pampers, but that was because they were the only diapers available at the time that I didn't have horrible allergic reactions to. I couldn't even wear cloth diapers as a infant.

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    Cloth for the most part. I'm not sure what others I might have worn because I only had disposables when we were on long trips in the car.

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    Apparently cloth until my sister was born then some kind of disposable until I was potty trained.

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    I remember wearing Pampers, but my parents told me that I also wore Huggies.

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    I know I wore pampers phases for boys at some point since I saw an old box with some of my baby stuff get thrown out a few months ago. I did not take anything from it though.

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    Cloth, but my initial attraction to diapers at a very, very young age was disposables (Pampers). Oddly, I have no younger siblings so I'm not sure where the exposure to disposables came from. Perhaps my parents used them on me on occasion.

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