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    Hi. I'm new here.

    I have a a regular job, a wife and kids. I like bike riding. And sleeping.

    I've always been something of a DL, but ironically lost all interest when my kids were in them and diapers were all over the house. Somehow they lose their appeal when you've changed a few thousand of them. The kids have been out of them for several years and for some reason my interest recently returned for no obvious reason. I'm only just beginning to explore it again.

    This site has been a great resource for what's available, and the advice others have is incredible. I seriously had no idea any of this existed (the web site, the products, the like-minded people). For the time being my goal is to learn, but hopefully I'll have something to contribute sooner or later.

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    I've been on the site for a few days now and I love it. I tried another site first which was mainly just perverts with nothing valid to add. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do I don't feel alone or like a freak when I'm here. Lots of info here and many different views and opinions.

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    Welcome to ADISC. I'm glad that you found the site. I joined a few months ago and have really enjoyed being here.

    It sounds like you have some good interests. I share all of them. Lately, I really have to agree with you with the sleeping part. With family, career, school, and everything, sleep is usually what gets shorted.

    Again, welcome!

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    A regular job, bike riding, and sleeping. This has the makings of a recipe for success! Tell me, when you say bike riding, do you mean a proper bike with pedals, or do you mean a motorcycle? You can probably tell which is my love by the way I phrased the question .


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    The self propelled kind. I don't race but try to do a few centuries a year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darmok View Post
    The self propelled kind. I don't race but try to do a few centuries a year.
    Brilliant! I'll have to get some tips and tricks from you, as one of my goals for this year is to ride my first century. It was on the list a few years ago, but I got hit by an SUV that ran a red light and spent three years off the bike recovering from a smashed leg. Last year was getting back into riding, this year is century.

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    Hi Darmok! I'm a parent as well and all of my kids have been out of diapers now for more than a year so that part of my life is done with. I'm glad you found us and look forward to hearing more from you.

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